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Modern fiber optic connectors

The worldwide data volume is growing rapidly. Driven by increasing digitalization, the demands placed on data centers are constantly rising. Huge amounts of data must be transferred quickly, securely and reliably. As a result, the demands on data center components such as fiber optic connectors are also growing, since they have a decisive influence on signal transmission.
High-quality connectors ensure highest data transmission rates and continuous availability. For this reason, the insertion loss (dB) and return loss (dB) values must be influenced by the connection as little as possible. Other requirements for fiber optic connectors are: easy handling, mechanical stability in continuous operation and low space requirements.
This makes it all the more important to select, use and maintain FO connectors correctly.


Fiber Optic connectivity systems for stationary and weather protected application acc. to IEC 60721-3-3, like within data centers and buildings


Fiber Optic Connectivity Systems for Harsh Environment


Optical fiber connectors - types

Optical fiber cables can be equipped with a variety of connectors. The list below provides you with an overview of the commonly used connectors.

LC connector

The LC is a small-form-factor connector system for optical fiber cabling in compliance with the standard DIN EN 61754-20. The new generation of LC Compact connectors has a compact end housing which perfectly protects the fibers and permits reliable strain relief for the various cable types. Versions: Multimode & singlemode, normal and oblique cut. LC connector (PC and APC). 
Ferrule: Zirconia-ceramic, Ø 1.25 mm

MPO/MTP® connector

The abbreviation MPO stands for “Multi-fiber Push-on Connector”. It is a push-on connector for multi-fiber cables consisting generally of 6, 8, 12 or 24 fibers. The MPO push-on connector is often referred to as an MTP® connector. MTP® is a registered trademark of US-Conec Ltd.

SC connector

The SC is an optical fiber push-on connector in compliance with DIN standard IEC 61754-15 for applications in the telecommunications sector, datacenters, LAN cabling and for connecting active components. Versions: Multimode & singlemode, normal and oblique cut. SC connector (PC and APC). The SC/APC push-on connector has an oblique, polished ferrule front face (8° or 9°). The light that is reflected here is no longer capable of propagation. Reflections are reduced to a minimum. This makes it possible to achieve a higher return loss. APC connectors are preferentially used for singlemode cables.
Ferrule: Zirconia-ceramic, Ø 2.5 mm

E-2000® connector

The E-2000® connector is an optical fiber push-on connector in compliance with international standard IEC 61754-15. It possesses a push-pull locking mechanism and a self-closing dust protection flap. Design: Multimode & singlemode, normal and oblique cut. E-2000® connector, PC and APC.
Ferrule: Zirconia-ceramic, Ø 2.5 mm

Expanded beam connectors

Due to the optical expansion of the beam, expanded beam connectors are less sensitive to contamination than conventional fiber-optic push-on connectors. In combination with high-quality cables, they are primarily used in harsh environments.

3M Expanded Beam Optical (EBO) Latch Connector
The expanded beam ferrule of the 3M Expanded Beam Optical (EBO) Latch Connector is currently available in the 12-fiber multimode and singlemode versions and will be available in a 16-fiber multimode and singlemode variant in the future. Depending on the type and size of the connector housing, one or more ferrules can be accommodated in a single connector.


Connector technology for optical fibers (OF):

APC (Angled Polished Contact)
Some fiber-optic connectors are available not only as a PC (Physical Contact) but also as an APC variant (Angled Physical Contact). 
Grinding the fiber endface at an angle - usually 8°- means that reflected light is no longer propagated. Reflections are reduced to a minimum.

Duplex vs Simplex
Duplex: Transmission mode in which data can be simultaneously transmitted in both directions. Duplex transmission is therefore also referred to as two-way transmission (as per DIN).
Simplex: Transmission mode in which data can only be transmitted in one direction. There is no return path or return channel. Simplex transmission is therefore also referred to as one-way transmission (as per DIN).

Connector pin (usually ceramic) responsible for ensuring the precise axial guidance of the fiber in the connector.

Multimode fiber (MMF)
Type of fiber in whose core multiple waves (modes) are able to propagate. The number of modes depends on the size of the fiber core. Typical dimensions are 50 / 125 µm and 62.5 / 125 µm. The classes OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OM5 exist for multimode optical fibers.

Singlemode fiber (SMF)
Fiber in whose core only one light wave (mode) is capable of propagation. Usual size: 9 / 125 μm.


Optical fiber connectors - inspection and cleaning

The performance capabilities of fiber-optic cabling are crucially dependent on the cleanliness of the fiber ends. Even small particles of dirt or other contaminants such as grease or dust can significantly impair the transmission properties of a fiber-optic connection. Depending on the structure of the fiber-optic connector, special equipment and the corresponding expertise may be needed for cleaning.
See here for more information and an overview of tools for cleaning loose and installed optical fiber connectors.


Fiber-optic cable assembly

Cable assembly refers to the manufacture of connection-ready cables, cable bundles and entire wiring harnesses by equipping them with connectors, contacts or fiber end sleeves.
Rosenberger OSI is one of Europe’s largest producers of assembled MTP® cables. In total, we assemble approximately 4 million push-on connectors every year in our production and logistics centers in Taksony (Hungary) and Apodaca (Mexico). Optical fiber push-on connectors such as LC, SC, MDC, MTP®/MPO, MU, MXC®, E-2000®, FC or ST connectors or expanded beam connectors may be used for cable assembly.

Thanks to our extensive production and delivery capabilities and our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, we offer very short delivery times irrespective of batch size.

  • 4,700m² production area
  • 3,400m² storage area

Ultimately, our outstanding delivery capabilities and high-end products ensure trouble-free installation and stable long-term performance. We only use our own push-on connectors or connectors from renowned high-quality manufacturers that are guaranteed to be qualified in accordance with applicable standards and reliably conform to international specifications.

We perform cable assembly in accordance with precise standards. And we even exceed standards: e.g. the insertion loss (IL) of our PURE quality for 50 µm multimode is lower than that of the most exacting performance class specified in standard IEC 61755-5 Ed. 1.0 CD Grade CM.


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In our online shop, you will find a wide range of products for optical fiber cabling, such as trunks, patchcords, pigtails or 19-inch panels with common optical fiber connector types such as LC, SC, MTP®/MPO, MU, MXC®, E-2000®, FC or ST. Whether Simplex, Duplex or Multifiber, singlemode or multimode – this is where you will find the right solutions for your applications. Many items are available ex-stock. Fast delivery: 1-2 working days. No minimum order amount. Carriage-free as of an order value of €100.

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