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NTT Technology Experience Lab

Partner of NTT Ltd.'s Technology Experience Lab

Live demonstrations of trend-setting use cases up to 400GbE planned in NTT Ltd.'s Technology Experience Lab.

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Rosenberger OSI is awarded

Gold at CIM Awards 2020

Cabling specialist receives award for a new cabling system for the transmission technology 400GBASE-SR8.

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Rosenberger OSI introduces new MDC connector

Cabling specialist integrates innovative Miniature Duplex Connector into PreCONNECT® cabling systems.

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Rosenberger OSI promotes "digital collaboration" in times of Corona

Cabling specialist pushes digitalization and focuses on high security standards.

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Building cabling solution optimized for PoE

LAN solution from the cabling specialist eliminates heat problems with PoE through innovative network architecture.

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PreCONNECT® SEDECIM: APC 8° angled polish optimizes return loss

Cabling specialist achieves excellent return loss values with APC 8° angled polish of multimode MTP®/MPO connectors.

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