Environmental policy at Rosenberger OSI

Environmental Policy


As part of its professional duty of care, and with regard to environmental management and the observation of legal regulations and customer requirements, the company management defines the environmental policy as follows.

The commercial responsibility of the management includes the responsibility for:

  • Effective environmental protection within the company,
  • The qualitiy of the products and services,
  • The agreed dates, schedules and costs and
  • The specified company objectives.

The primary environmental objectives of Rosenberger OSI are:

  • Maintenance and preservation of natural resources
  • Avoidance, reduction, recycling and proper disposal of contaminating emissions and waste.
  • Prevention of incidents hazardous to the environment and limitation of the potential dangers.

Every employee carries out tasks within their field of responsibility which inevitably have effects on the environment. Every employee is therefore obliged to cooperate in the realisation of the overall objective, which constitute the continual improvement process of Rosenberger OSI.

These are in detail:

  • Prevention and avoidance of environmental contamination throughout the complete organisation
  • Program for the continuous improvement of waste avoidance
  • Precautionary measures through research with regard to the environmental compatibility of new products and processes
  • Economical use of raw materials and energy and conversion to the environment-friendly alternatives
  • Orientation in the area of environmental protection towards the latest scientific findings and the use of the latest state-of-the-art-technologies
  • Information, training and further training of employees in environmental protection
  • Information for customers and suppliers on properties, safe and environment-compatible transport, handling and disposal of the products
  • Cooperation with authorities and specialists in the field of environmental protection.

The focal point of all these activities is the intention to take preventive measures in order to avoid incidents which harm the environment and eliminate their causes.