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Consulting Services for data centers & technical building infrastructures


Expert consulting and planning services

Joint consulting and careful planning form the basis for every project. For more than 20 years, we have been planning IT infrastructures and assisting in their construction and operation. The scope and progress of the planning phase can differ greatly depending on the starting situation and environment.

  • Does the project involve the modernization or extension of an existing cabling infrastructure or the development of a new one?
  • How great are the requirements in terms of the flexibility and scalability of the IT infrastructure?
  • What additional capacities have to be provided to cater for future data rates?
  • Are there any special circumstances?

The result is a requirements profile for a bespoke cabling infrastructure that can dovetail appropriately with your IT strategy. We offer you Consulting Services for: Enterprise and Colocation Datacenters, Building and Office Cabling, Schools and Educational Establishments.

Enterprise Datacenter
Enterprise Datacenter
  • Planning of the IT infrastructure within the framework of modernisation concepts, new DC construction or extensions
  • DC consolidation and planning of relocations
  • Architectural network planning, conceptual design of white-space settlement and structured network cabling
  • Examination of the status quo and evaluation of IT applications, processes and structures
  • Incorporation of constraints such as the BSI’s critical infrastructure regulations and DC standards
  • Space-saving, future-proof cabling systems
  • Expert technical advice and support during the entire project phase
Building and Office Cabling
Building and Office Cabling
  • Analysis of ageing building infrastructures and development of revitalization concepts
  • Development of a target vision and/or digitalization strategy
  • Elaboration of a network and infrastructure concept
  • Planning of the future IT infrastructure on the basis of the Regulations on Architects’ and Engineers’ Fees and BIM: Electrical and data engineering
  • Implementation of the construction measures using project management methods
Schools and Educational Establishments
Schools and Educational Establishments
  • Identification of the current level of digital maturity: Broadband provision, IT infrastructure, possibilities for media use during teaching
  • Development of a media-assisted teaching concept and a media deployment plan
  • Planning of the future IT infrastructure on the basis of the Regulations on Architects’ and Engineers’ Fees and BIM: Electrical and data engineering
  • Planning of the media technology: Whiteboards, projectors, tablets, document cameras, etc.

Customized analysis of requirements

  • Individual, comprehensive examination of your IT applications, processes
  • Identification of the status quo and evaluation of the current IT infrastructure

We work with you to identify current needs, while always also taking future growth into account. Together with you, we determine the performance that is genuinely required and do not plan for any expensive overcapacities.

Development of an IT strategy

  • Development of an IT and/or digitalization strategy
  • Elaboration of a network and infrastructure concept
  • Incorporation of current regulations and standards such as the BSI’s regulations on critical infrastructures or TÜV-IT

Design and planning

Data Centers:

  • Planning of the IT infrastructure in the context of revitalization concepts, new data center construction / expansion or relocation. More about data center planning
  • Architectural network planning, conceptual design of structured network cabling and white-space settlement

LAN cabling:

  • Analysis of ageing building infrastructures and elaboration of revitalization concepts
  • Planning of the future IT infrastructure on the basis of the Regulations on Architects’ and Engineers’ Fees and BIM: Electrical and data engineering
  • Preparation of RFPs: Concrete definition of the requirements in terms of cabling infrastructure, media technology and IT security

Reliably and in compliance with the German regulations on Critical Infrastructures (KRITIS)

The KRITIS regulations require the operators of Critical Infrastructures to take appropriate sector-specific, state-of-the-art measures to safeguard their IT systems. These updated requirements regarding the protection of critical infrastructures have been in force as of 1st January 2022.

Is your business affected by the Critical Infrastructure regulations?
If it is, then it is advisable to examine your existing measures and perform a detailed analysis in order to identify and evaluate potential discrepancies between the current situation and the legal requirements. read more


With a competent partner for the digital classroom

While digitization accompanies us in our daily lives, many schools are still dreaming about it. To change this, the federal government and the Länder have created the Digital School Pact. The goal of this support program is to establish a modern, nationwide digital education infrastructure. But what seems so simple is often difficult to implement. It is not enough to buy laptops and distribute them to students and teachers. What is needed is a comprehensive approach. We are happy to support you on your way to the digital classroom. Read more



We develop sustainable solutions: flexibly and quickly

When planning a cabling infrastructure, the challenge is always to find the most efficient solution. In all our project thinking, we are able to keep our eye on the big picture and make due provision for the latest standards. We evaluate solutions on the basis of their cost and feasibility. Our service team works closely with you to ensure that all the practical requirements are fulfilled and implemented in an optimum manner. The key to our success? 15 years’ experience, high-end products and a personal customer service.

Let us advice you

From a Single Supplier Consulting, Installation and Managed Services for a High-Performance IT Infrastructure

If you wish, we will also support you during the rollout of the defined concept and assist you during live operation. To do this, we offer services such as: Cabling and Commissioning, Installation of Electrical Engineering, Data Technology, Project Monitoring and Documentation as well as IT Support and graduated Service Level Agreements (SLAs). For further information on Installation Services and Managed Services.


Successfully implemented projects - Thats what our customers say

Into a new, digital school year with fiber optics

"...This project, which has been successfully implemented by Rosenberger OSI, provides a reliable infrastructure for the development of a full-area network in the classrooms in the primary and middle school."

Erdweg School Association

Structured cabling for a digital future

"...We were won over not just by the excellent value for money of the solution but also by the commitment and on-schedule conduct of the project and, last but not least, the personal consulting we received throughout the entire project phase."

envia TEL GmbH

Planning with scope for future growth

"In addition to the products, we were also convinced by the qualified pre-planning. In addition, Rosenberger OSI was able to promise us fast response times and thus on-schedule implementation of the project."

TenneT TSO GmbH


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Consulting & solutions for IT infrastructures - Trust our expertise

One of our particular strengths during project planning lies in our ability to cater for very special requirements and needs. The fact that we combine the flexibility of a mid-sized company with decades of experience in the cabling field is vitally important here.


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