Managed Services

Managed Services for Data Centers


Outsourcing that pays for itself

Rosenberger OSI acts as a “one-stop-shop partner” for its customers, offering everything needed for (data center) IT infrastructures from a single source. The Service Team, which has approximately 130 employees, offers a wide range of services throughout Germany. Alongside data center operation, these also include a hotline ad graduated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are closely aligned with the customer’s needs and are drawn up to respond to individual requirements. However, at Rosenberger OSI, all-round service also means that the customer stays involved at all times. Workshops and training are therefore an important part of the service package.


The advantages of Managed IT Services - Specialists for a high-performance IT infrastructure


Enhanced failure-proofing thanks to the services of technical specialists


Reduced workload for in-house staff: Concentration on core business


Quick, highly effective support in emergencies


Secure investment: fixed, clearly defined costs


Comprehensive service whenever it’s needed

Our service personnel spring into action whenever there is a need to perform installation work, procure the necessary products and integrate them in the network. However, the service package often also includes project preparation and planning, deadline monitoring in the procurement process and the control of installations.

Whether the task is architecture planning or access control: with our service specialists, you can rely on comprehensive service performance for reliable data center operation.

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Managed Services – Planning

Architecture planning

  • Architecture planning
Area planning

  • Area planning
Cabling planning

  • Cabling planning

Managed Services – Materials Management



  • Goods transport notifications
  • Control of logistics partners
Goods acceptance

Goods acceptance

  • Goods acceptance, including quality control
  • Documentation of the goods in the asset management system (customer tools)
  • Unpacking and packing of goods
  • RMA handling
Warehouse management

Warehouse management

  • Warehouse management, incl. regular stock-taking
  • Goods-in and goods-out inspections
  • Labelling with RFID & QR codes
  • Transport in IT areas

Managed Services - Installation

Preparation for installation

Preparation for installation

  • Coordination with warehouse and asset management: Transport of goods to the IT room
  • Installation of racks, incl. earthing
  • Installation of panels and active technology, incl. labelling


  • Laying of fixed cabling (trunks) in ducts
  • Patching / depatching
  • Labelling of the laid cables
  • Documentation in customer tools


  • Basic IP configuration for remote access
  • Conduct of power-on-self-test for acceptance on cooperation with the customer
  • Feedback from the installed base for updates to the corresponding planning provisions

Managed Services - Operations

On Site Services

On-Site Services

  • Coordination and cooperation in the customer’s change process
  • Provision of “hands and eyes” services on-site
  • Incident Management: Hardware troubleshooting & replacement parts service
  • Implementation of immediate measures for fault elimination (work-arounds by means of alternative cabling)
Houskeeping Services

Housekeeping Services

  • Regular disposal of packaging and installation material
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of stocks
  • Regular cleaning of IT rooms, racks, enclosures and IT components
Access Management

Access Management

  • Conduct of data center access controls in cooperation with the security service
  • Provision of accompanying services for external technicians, incl. documentation of the activities performed as a function of the change process
  • Examination of dismantled and uninstalled equipment (scrappage process) and documentation in the customer’s asset management system

The Rosenberger OSI Service Team - Enjoy the benefits of:


> 20


> 150
service employees

Check mark

> 500
complete projects


> 23.000 m²
of planned
data center space 


Any other questions?

Here you will find answers to various questions on the topic of our Managed Services.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

The term outsourcing refers to the transfer of activities previously performed in-house to external service providers. The advantages are more flexibility, agility and scalability, together with redundancies with in-house capacities. It also helps to compensate for the lack of skilled IT staff. Scalability and agility are of crucial importance in data centers. The required components begin to age almost as soon as they are installed. This is where specialists are needed.

What service packages does Rosenberger OSI offer?

We offer our customers a Service Level Agreement, that is to say a framework agreement for recurrent services. The aim is to provide our customers with transparent verification criteria by precisely describing promised performance characteristics such as performance scope, reaction time and speed of resolution of problems. These are agreed on individually in the light of requirements.

How does collaboration with other subcontractors function?

During high-level IT room planning, the availability of electricity and air conditioning are considered within the framework of a preliminary capacity examination. If required, we create the interface to the corresponding technical building equipment activities and define subsequent requirements.

Why is outsourcing worthwhile in the warehouse management field?

We manage the equipment necessary for operation for you in the corresponding stores, either at your premises at the data center or, if there is insufficient space, at our own premises. Ideally, our service technicians only bring the required quantity of equipment from storage to the data center with them. This prevents waste and superfluous fire loads and saves space.

Why is end-to-end documentation so important?

In everyday operation, it is only possible to plan as well as the existing cabling has been documented. The key here is a good software solution and the rapid entry of the cabling and/or the seamless documentation of any MACs (move/add/changes) as they occur.