Modern LAN network

Modern LAN network

Future-proof & adaptable building cabling

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, IoT and Big Data and these are topics that are not only changing society but are also posing a considerable challenge to companies’ existing IT infrastructures. What is more, the digital transformation is also invading the world of office work. The working world 4.0 and Smart Working demand outstanding flexibility and adaptability from the LAN network, in particular. In order to meet the constantly growing performance requirements, it is also necessary to adapt the building cabling. This is because efficient cabling also forms the physical substrate for high-speed applications in the office and building cabling sector.

How can local networks keep base with the demands of digitalization?

What is needed are architectures that provide greater flexibility and performance – while also using established Ethernet technology. To achieve this, Rosenberger OSI relies on glass fiber solutions and reduces copper to a minimum. Because although there are arguments in favour of the use of RJ-45 ports and copper cables by the end user, there are none that support unending cable harnesses and overfilled routes and ducts. This conflict of interests can be resolved thanks to the innovative concept of glass fiber cabling as far as the Active Consolidation Point.

Economical and flexible solution for your local network

Alternative building cabling- the FTTACP concept

The redundant FTTACP concept with its ring configuration not only permits trouble-free adaptation during ongoing business operation. Extensions and conversions to the IT infrastructure can be performed without difficulty – both in new and existing buildings as well as in historic listed environments. At the heart of the solution are the efficient ACP’s (active consolidation points) that permit these very significant savings in terms of tertiary infrastructure (quantity of cables, cable ducts). More about innovative building cabling

Efficient active and passive network from a single source

Our innovative Ethernet cabling concept places the focus on economic efficiency and flexibility. The active and passive components can be adapted at any time without any great effort and can be dismantled again without problem and be taken with you almost in their entirety if you decide to relocate.

Savings potential of 10-20% for total project & operating costs 

By installing the currently required ACTUAL expansion stage, up to 20% of the total project & operating costs can be saved. The retrofitting of more ports is simple, which means that a target/potential expansion does not have to be explicitly considered from the outset.

  • Elimination of copper distribution panels and patch cables on the switch side in the floor distributor.
  • Savings per port are approx. €50.
  • Energy savings through passively-cooled industrial switch are approx. 50%. 

Green-IT - Savings of up to 68.75%

The concept of sustainability is also becoming ever more important in the field of office and building cabling. The focus is increasingly being placed on more durable, economical materials that guarantee high data throughput. With Rosenberger’s FTTACP concept, the total quantity of copper cable that is required for office or building cabling can be drastically reduced. This dramatically cuts raw material consumption and, more generally, the energy required to manufacture the products required for this form of infrastructure, thus preserving valuable resources. This results in potential energy savings of up to 68.75%.

* 31.25% energy requirement with FTTACP concept = 20.38% grey energy and 10.42% energy for production

Fire protection - reduction of the fire load by 60 - 85%

Many LAN’s in offices and businesses are continuously extended in order to keep pace with the digital transformation. The number of copper cables increases and this represents a not insignificant risk in terms of potential fire hazards. By cutting down on the amount of copper cabling, the FTTACP concept not only reduces the number of fire walls and cable ducts, but also greatly reduces the overall fire load – by 60-85% depending on the project.

Greatest possible flexibility – simple retrofitting in business operations

Large office buildings in particular are often subject to fluctuations due to tenant changes – and retrofitting the existing LAN network can only be realised with considerable financial expense and a protracted timeframe. “FTTACP” – Rosenberger OSI’s innovative ethernet-cabling concept – guarantees an absolute maximum in flexibility. Retrofitting is carried out without any disruptions to your business operations – and adding more ports is also a simple and flexible task.

IT network design of the furture

At the heart of the solution are the efficient ACP’s (active consolidation points) that permit these very significant savings in terms of tertiary infrastructure (quantity of cables, cable ducts).

The redundant FTTACP concept with its ring configuration not only permits trouble-free adaptation during ongoing business operation. Extensions and conversions to the IT infrastructure can be performed without difficulty. More about innovative building cabling

Structured building cabling

With our fully harmonized LAN cabling system, PerCONNECT® you benefit from complete peace-of-mind if you are looking for an optimized solution for building cabling and the office sector that meets the criteria of the EN 50173 series of standards. Thanks to the use of cables that have been pre-assembled on one side, you can achieve time savings of up to 20% at the installation site. The cables only have to be laid and connected on site. More about structured building cabling

Comprehensive services for the planning and installation of LAN networks

We provide comprehensive consulting services during the planning phase or offer support in the case of retrofits during ongoing business operations. Our well-trained personnel will also add “clout” to the construction site. Do you have any questions about planning, installing or maintaining your building infrastructures? We would be delighted to help. Contact us

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Any other questions?

Here you will find answers to various questions about LAN networks.

What characterizes a future-ready LAN cabling system?

Most importantly, a future-ready cabling system which, for example, is able to rise to the challenges of the digital working world needs to be flexibly extensible. This ensures that the solution is ready for future applications and provides high transmission rates. The lifetime demanded for this type of building cabling is 10 years or more. And the cabling must not only be economically efficient but must also be easy to handle. In this respect, Plug & Play installation is right at the top of the wish list because time and resources are becoming ever scarcer.

How can investments in the change process be kept low?

A future-ready, flexible building infrastructure demands considerable organizational effort and, no less importantly, high investments. This makes it all the more vital that your calculations take account of any follow-up costs for building restructuring work that occur over the years. With the FTTACP concept, companies that decide to engage in the change process can be sure that they are not taking any risks. The investment and follow-up costs are comparatively low. What is more, building owners benefit from reduced fire loads – an important consideration both now and in the future.

How can Rosenberger OSI support me in the successful implementation of my project?

Specialists such as installation engineers are often hard to find. This can jeopardize the successful “in-time” realization of a project. As a “one-stop shop” partner, we offer everything needed for the IT infrastructure from a single source. We will take on responsibility for the entire operation, from planning through to installation and on to acceptance and commissioning. For you, this means having a partner for all your LAN-related questions. If you wish, we can also act as a contact and interface for other parties involved in the works.