Modern LAN network


Network solutions for efficient, secure digitalization

All the threads of your enterprise come together in the LAN. It provides the basis through which you can keep pace with future developments and requirements. Process digitalization. Elimination of interfaces. Integration of new collaborative tools. Data-assisted manufacturing.

As in the case of any investment, all your IT investments must bring added value in the long term. Efficient network solutions accelerate workflows, optimize processes in business and public institutions and ensure unrestricted accessibility, high customer satisfaction levels and a sustainable competitive edge.

Take your IT network to the next level

Give your business an edge over the competition by moving forwards with the rapid modernization of your IT infrastructure. What are the weak points in your LAN? How can you succeed in your digital transformation while simultaneously integrating existing systems? What is needed is a fast, secure LAN network which will continue to provide the performance you need now and in the future and which corresponds to your enterprise’s specific strategic orientation as well as to your building, IT and process structures. Give your business an edge over the competition by pushing ahead with the rapid modernization of your IT infrastructure in line with your specific individual needs. Where do you place the focus?


Secure, efficient collaboration & data processing


Reduced administrative


Increased flexibility in the spatial layout of workplaces


Great flexibility in the extension of the bandwidth and the individual assignment of data rates


This is how your local network keeps pace with the demands of digitization!

Outstanding networking - With the PreConnect® LAN cabling systems

Give your business an edge over the competition by moving forwards with the rapid modernization of your IT infrastructure. Depending on the requirements and the demands placed on your building network.

conventional networking

Conventionally structured cabling with low administrative overhead

flexible networking

Conventionally structured cabling with increased flexibility in the spatial layout of workplaces

smart networking

Modern, cost-efficient network that grows with your business


Any other questions?

Here you will find answers to various questions about LAN networks.

What characterizes a future-ready LAN cabling system?

Most importantly, a future-ready LAN which, for example, is able to rise to the challenges of the digital working world needs to be flexibly extendable. This ensures that the solution is ready for future applications and provides high transmission rates. The lifetime demanded for this type of building cabling is 10 years or more. And the cabling must not only be economically efficient but must also be easy to handle. In this respect, Plug & Play installation is right at the top of the wish list because time and resources are becoming ever scarcer.

How can Rosenberger OSI support me in the successful implementation of my project?

Specialists such as installation engineers are often hard to find. This can jeopardize the successful “in-time” realization of a project. As a “one-stop shop” partner, we offer everything needed for the IT infrastructure from a single source. We will take on responsibility for the entire operation, from planning through to the cable connections and on to acceptance and commissioning. For you, this means having a partner for all your LAN-related questions. If you wish, we can also act as a contact and interface for other parties involved in the works.

How can investments in the change process be kept low?

A future-ready, flexible building infrastructure demands considerable organizational effort and, no less importantly, high investments. This makes it all the more vital that your calculations take account of any follow-up costs for building restructuring work that occur over the years. This is where PreCONNECT® smartNET excels. With this innovative concept, companies that decide to engage in the change process can be sure that they are not taking any risks. The investment and follow-up costs are comparatively low. What is more, building owners benefit from reduced fire loads – an important consideration both now and in the future.

Is a hybrid form of cabling solutions also possible within a LAN?

Yes – indeed, in many cases this is the optimum solution. Depending on the nature of the premises, the three cabling systems – PreCONNECT® isoNET, PreCONNECT® flexNET and PreCONNECT® smartNET – can be used in different areas of the building. The network solution should be designed in such a way that it can be adapted to the existing building, IT and process structures while simultaneously leaving room for expansion.

Why is an over-planning approach generally adopted in conventionally structured cabling systems unlike in the case of PreCONNECT® flexNET and PreCONNECT® smartNET?

The reason for strategic over-planning lies in the inflexible architecture of conventionally structured cabling. This makes it very expensive to extend the network. Because retrofitting costs are generally three times as high as that of initial installation, the aim is to take account of end-user connections that may be needed in the future during the initial planning phase. With PreCONNECT® flexNET and PreCONNECT® smartNET, this problem is a thing of the past. This is because the use of consolidation points makes it possible to install new end-user connections and perform restructuring work without undertaking any major conversions.