Installation Services

Installation Services for efficient cabling infrastructures


Professional cable laying & quality assurance by specialists

Installation requires the utmost care and comprehensive know-how. In addition, the necessary resources must be available. This is because IT applications are becoming less and less fault-tolerant as their sophistication increases, and for cabling this means there can be no compromises when it comes to quality. For installation, we label all the cable ends according to your in-house system or help you introduce such a system. You can put your trust in our team of experts. Our vastly experienced employees are familiar with the details and potential pitfalls from real-life installations.

Preparation for installation


The service team installs all the components (on the basis of jointly collated development plans), starting with the active elements and then on through the cabling and up to the required electrical connections. Depending on the security requirements, the fixed cabling is then planned as a redundant system in accordance with the standard EN 50600-2-4 and is expertly installed.

Quality assurance

When all the components have been installed and the cabling infrastructure is complete, we can, on request, perform extensive on-site acceptance measurements, in particular regarding the key parameters: attenuation and reflection. This is because despite the painstaking quality tests performed during production, only metrological examinations in the real application environment can ensure flawless performance.

Coordination with other subcontractors

Coordination with other subcontractors

We accompany you throughout the project management process and, on request, will also coordinate the other subcontractors involved in the construction of the infrastructure: Companies responsible for the power supply, safety and fire detection technology. Often cabling is laid before the active components are installed - another case in which a smoothly working interface is essential.


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Any other questions?

Here you will find answers to various questions on the topic of our Installation Services.

Why are trained experts needed in the field of fiber-optic cabling?

Optical technology is complex and cannot be compared with the copper cabling used in the past. Glass fibers demand specific technological knowledge covering not only the technology itself but also knowledge about standards, modes of operation and various accompanying factors. Examples of these include the topics of single-mode and multimode, reflection or attenuation and refractive index. The installation of a functioning glass-fiber infrastructure, as well as its operation and, last but not least, its maintenance demand trained personnel who work on the basis of state-of-the-art technical knowledge at all times.

Important aspects – what has to be clarified prior to installation?

Now more than ever before, numerous aspects have to be clarified before embarking on the installation work. The properties of the glass-fiber cabling are regulated by a wide range of industry and legal standards, for example fiber specifications. The complexity of the technology and the requirements in terms of availability are the most important issues that have to be harmonized. To do this, it is advisable to draw up a performance specification and call on the assistance of specialists.

What requires special attention with regard to the installation itself?

One important factor contributing to high network performance is the careful attachment of the push-on connectors. When doing this, it is necessary to avoid all types of contamination, which is why the front surfaces of the push-on connectors should be cleaned using suitable cleaning equipment and then evaluated under a microscope prior to installation. If adequate care is not taken then this usually has an impact on performance. The quality level PreCONNECT® PURE completely excludes the possibility of contamination during installation and consequently significantly contributes to the reliability and performance of glass-fiber networks. 

How do unprofessionally laid cables jeopardize reliable operation?

The way in which the cables are laid is of great importance for the availability and reliability of data center infrastructures or building cabling. An unstructured tangle of cables in the racks that conceals the active technology; overloaded cable ducts that not only make damage-free disassembly impossible but also jeopardize the reliable operation of the IT infrastructure; cable ties bound tightly around the glass-fiber cables which are then damaged by the excessive pressure exerted across them. These are just three real-life examples of unprofessional installation that seem to adhere to the principle: “Anyone can lay IT cabling! Can’t they?”

What are the advantages of pre-assembled cables?

Simply with regard to the question of reliability, it is advisable to include factory-assembled IT cabling systems in the requirements catalogue when planning a new cabling installation. Importantly, and among other things, this reduces the time required for installation. Another advantage of such components is their ease of scalability when capacity extensions are required. Factory-assembled cabling components make it possible to integrate additional devices in existing structures with no loss of time. Factory-assembled, high-quality cabling components therefore not only optimize performance. More importantly, they also help reduce maintenance and setup times, thereby helping to cut operating overheads.