AEO F Certification

Reliability and security with Rosenberger OSI

Since March 2011, Rosenberger OSI is certified as an "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO-F) by the German customs. This document proves reliability, solvency, conformity with the known legal provisions as well as the compliance to security standards.

Furthermore, our consignments for the "Non-EU-customers" are subject to prior customs clearance. Thus, no delays in time will occur for our shipments at the customs.

The AEO-F-status is re-examined once a year and identifies Rosenberger OSI as a strong part of a secure supply chain.  


Premium Verification Program (PVP)

Even today, Rosenberger OSI, with its guaranteed manually-tested quality, is setting standards in the quality assurance chain.

The permanent high-quality control requirement of Rosenberger OSI is now also certified in Germany and Europe through the accredited testing laboratory GHMT AG with the Premium Verification Program (PVP).

One of the most important objectives of Rosenberger OSI is transparency and autonomy in the verification of the permanent high-quality control requirement of the fiber-optic cabling systems, with respect to users and planners.

GHMT continuously checks product samples from Rosenberger OSI for compliance with the national and international standard specification documents. With that, we make sure to meet the demand on the continuously high manufacturing quality of the passive cabling components. The random samples are taken both from manufacturing and storage, as well as purchased and tested over "Blind-Ordering" with resellers.

Notable end customers and planners of innovative partners trust in the high level of security of the Premium Verification Program (PVP) and require the successful participation in their calls for proposals.


OHRIS certificate for occupational and plant safety

Rosenberger OSI has been certified according to OHRIS since October 2021. OHRIS (Occupational Health- and Risk-Managementsystem) is a recognized management system for occupational health and safety, promotion of health at work and the safety of technical equipment. It was developed in cooperation with the industry to further improve occupational health and safety in companies and to make it more economical. OHRIS can be introduced in all companies regardless of their size.

By receiving the certificate, we are underlining a better working culture for our employees. OHRIS gives them an overview of the safety precautions in the company and how they are protected from potential sources of danger in their daily work.