Data center operation

Data center operation: fail-safe and efficient


Expert support for trouble-free continuous data center operation

Big Data, mobile applications and more flexible working environments are demanding ever higher performance from data centers. For users, the available, that is to say the failure-proof operation, of the data center is particularly important. This is because users expect to be able to work reliably around the clock.

Our decades of experience of a vast range of practical situations have revealed a great need for expert support during ongoing data center operation. This is due to the fact that the influence of the cabling on the overall performance of the data center is often underestimated. Each data center is different. The requirements relating to performance, security and the availability of expert knowledge can vary widely.

Comprehensive services - right through to the full outsourcing of data center operation

Even during live data center operation, there is still a need for specialists who can support and maintain the installation. Our service specialists not only take care of commissioning but are also constantly available as expert contacts in order to provide full support. Specialized service engineers localize and diagnose warning and error messages and then eliminate the sources of any faults or replace the faulty components. Take advantage of our data center services They reduce the likelihood of failure and your data center’s vulnerability to malfunctions, while simultaneously improving efficiency by reducing operating costs.
We help you meet your specific challenges and can even provide all-round support.

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Analysis of existing data center installations & quality assurance

To ensure that the existing cabling is suitable for any upcoming extension to the current bandwidth, we offer you:

  • A proactive check of the passive IT infrastructure using OTDR (optical time domain reflectometry) or on the basis of a BERT test (bit error test) 
  • An analysis of the existing cabling for contamination of the contact end faces using video microscopy.
Area planning

Carefully tailored documentation

Documentation of the cabling infrastructure that is up-to-date at all times is essential for trouble-free processes in a high-availability data center. Changes must be logged correctly and without delay. In everyday operation, it is only possible to plan as well as the existing cabling has been documented. The key here is a good software solution and the rapid entry of the cabling and/or the seamless documentation of any MACs.

Failure-proof data center 24/7/365

Failure-proof data center 24/7/365

To respond to any malfunctions or failures during ongoing data center operation, we offer individually configurable solution packages, such as:

  • 24/7 standby service via telephone hotline
  • An emergency on-site service at the data center

Efficient data center operation

Managed Services - Outsourcing of data center operation that pays for itself

We offer our customers a Service Level Agreement for recurrent services. This precisely describes the individually agreed performance scope, reaction times and speed of processing.


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Any other questions?

Here you will find answers to various questions on the topic of data center operation.

Why choose modern, high-quality cabling?

The fact is: Operators generally replace the active technology of their data centers every three to five years, at which point new installations and cabling are required. In large data centers, a process of constant change can also be observed. One of the main reasons for this is the emergence of new technologies that operators hope will bring them greater performance and bandwidth. However, the desired positive results cannot be achieved unless the cabling is right. It cannot be automatically assumed that the existing cabling structure will function in exactly the same way with the new active devices as it did with the old components. It is also possible that the positive aspects of the modernization will come to absolutely nothing because the old cables refuse to cooperate.

Components - what is essential for trouble-free data center operation?

The quality of the components is of vital importance for trouble-free operation. This applies both to the cables and to the employed push-on contacts. Here, it is advisable to check whether the selected components precisely fulfil the specifications. Only then can you be certain that the fast data flow will not be slowed down. In order to avoid such risks, only certified components that guarantee clean connections in a glass fiber network  should be installed. This requires dedicated preliminary planning as well as the careful selection of the employed components. It is important not to underestimate the technical expertise required of the service providers that perform and subsequently maintain the installation. Components that not only comply with current standards but also anticipate future ones can grow with the demands of the enterprise and its applications. This ensures scalability and protects investments.

Why is a professional cable installation so important?

For installation purposes, it is important that the engineers performing the work have been trained in the specific characteristics of the cable systems. In this context, special attention should be paid to the front faces of the optical fiber push-on connectors. Due to their construction, these are particularly sensitive to dirt and damage. However, all types of contamination must be avoided if trouble-free data center operation is to be ensured. That is why it is important to clean the front faces of the push-on connectors using suitable cleaning equipment prior to installation and then to inspect them under a microscope. Only professionals are able to do this. If adequate care is not taken then this quickly has an impact on performance.

How do service specialists from Rosenberger OSI help during live data center operation?

Data centers are not rigid constructs but growing organisms. To prevent the risk of chaos, there is a need for specialists who can support and maintain the installation. Service specialists not only perform commissioning but are also available to act as expert contacts and provide support during live operation. Specialized service engineers localize and diagnose warning and error messages and then eliminate the sources of any faults or replace the faulty components.