Optical path - polarity - coding

Polarity of full-duplex and half-duplex patchcords
Standardization of the polarity of fiber-optic trunk cabling
Standardization of the polarity of MTP®/MPO cabling

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Datacenter Infrastructure – the deciding factors

Increasing port density in datacenters
Cabling for higher speeds in datacenters
Highly-scalable architecture using spine-leaf

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Challenges for cabling in high-performance data centers

How can the static infrastructure be made modular and dynamic? Which cabling concepts meet the requirements of a dynamic data center?

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Whitepaper OM5 versus OM4

When is OM5 technically and economically viable?

What are characteristics of OM5? What are the possible applications in contrast to the OM4 fibre?
What factors speak in favour of using OM5?

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check list

Checklist for data center relocation

Thought of everything? What is important for the RZ-Relocation!
Relocating a data center successfully in 10 phases

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Whitepaper Significance of the Construction Products Regulation for data centers

Important Construction Products Regulations for data centers

Which fire protection classes are assigned to different cables? Which fire protection classes are recommended for use in the data center/server room?

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