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Checklist for data center relocation

Thought of everything? What is important for the RZ-Relocation!
Relocating a data center successfully in 10 phases

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Whitepaper FTT ACP

FTTACP. Ready for the future in building cabling

How total cost of data cabling can be decreased? By reduction of copper cabling and fire load. By savings for firewalls and cabling layering infrastructure.

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IT network of the future

IT network of the future: flexibility and investment protection

How adaption to different building conditions can work? From initial installation to expansion and revitalization. FTT-ACP makes this possible.

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Whitepaper OM5 versus OM4

OM5 versus OM4 Whitepaper

The OM5 fiber is the latest member in the 50 µm multimode fiber family. What is the difference to OM4? What are characteristics and applications of OM5?

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Whitepaper Significance of the Construction Products Regulation for data centers

Regolamento sui prodotti da costruzione per i data center

Il Regolamento sui prodotti da costruzione persegue l’obiettivo di proteggere le persone negli edifici dagli effetti del fuoco in condizioni di emergenza.

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Whitepaper Roadmap to 400 Gigabit Ethernet over Multimode Fiber

Roadmap to 400 Gigabit Ethernet over Multimode Fiber

How can enormous amounts of data be transmitted via Ethernet using multi-mode fiber (MMF)? Which IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Standards are in development?

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