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Comparison of the PreCONNECT® OCTO cabling systems

Comparison of the PreCONNECT® OCTO cabling systems - MTP®, LC, SN® Quad & MDC Quad
Ethernet-, FibreChannel and InfiniBand standards
Singlemode or multimode?

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Blog & Vlog

Robust connector interface for fiber optic cables in demanding environments

EBO technology offers a solution for the use of fiber optics in demanding environments - with high-quality connectors such as the Size 12 lens connector.

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Blog & Vlog

Vlog #14 VersaTray® - Highly modular 19" tray system

OSI Insights in our video-blog:
VersaTray® 19" tray system
highly modular, easy-to-maintain

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Blog & Vlog

Tray registers as the answer to the limitations of classic panels?

The benefits of tray registers make them an attractive alternative to traditional panels, especially in environments where modular scaling and efficient cable management are critical.

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