Membership in various associations like Bitkom, VDE and more



Rosenberger OSI develops products that correspond to standards and are ready for tomorrow's markets.

Products and services, particularly in the high-tech field, have to correspond to the relevant industrial standards if they are to be accepted in the market. This conformity also contributes substantially to the security of the customer's investment. Meeting international standards overcomes trade technical barriers in purchasing and lays the foundation for the success of global production and sales strategies.

Rosenberger OSI itself is a member of various associations and thus works actively towards optimising economic constructions, raising product and maintenance quality, and improving production and delivery efficiency. The application of these standards takes especially into account human health and the safety of the products and of the environment.



BITKOM is the voice of the information technology, telecommunications, and the new media industry in Germany. BITKOM represents more than 1,200 companies, with 900 direct members, including practically all German global players as well as 600 key midsize companies. The BITKOM members generate a sales volume of 135 billion euros annually, exporting high technology with a value of 50 billion euros each year. Thus, BITKOM represents 90 percent of the German ICT market.*




DKE German Commission on electrical, electronic, and information technology in the DIN and the VDE.

The responsibilities of this Commission consist of carrying out the standards and regulations. Electrical engineering, electronics, and information technology in Germany are the focus of the Commission. It has to watch the industry's interests in the area of international and regional electrical engineering standards and is responsible for the standards being performed in the relevant international and regional organisations, in particular the IEC, CENELEC, and ETSI.

The results of the Commission's work on standards are integrated in DIN, DIN EN, and DIN IEC standards, which are then included in the VDE and DIN regulations and, if relevant, into VDE rules and guidelines in the same way as the VDE's own preliminary standards and supplementary leaflets.


eco - association of the internet industry

eco is Europe's largest association of the Internet industry and represents the interests of over 1,100 members from more than 70 countries. Together with its members, the association contributes to the development of the Internet, promotes new technologies, infrastructures and markets, shapes framework conditions and represents the interests of its members in politics and in international bodies. The affiliated initiative EuroCloud Germany is committed to acceptance and demand-oriented provision of cloud services on the German market. The EuroCloud Native (ECN) association, which is aimed at providers of public cloud-based solutions and services, is connected to this. Rosenberger OSI will intensively participate in the association's work as an innovative and strong technology partner for the largest European data center locations. The focus is on sustainable services as well as strong and high-performance cabling solutions.


EtherCAT® Technology Group

The EtherCAT Technology Group keeps EtherCAT technology open for all potential users. It brings EtherCAT device manufacturers, technology providers, and users together to further the technology. It provides multiple Technical Working Groups where experts carefully work on various specific aspects of EtherCAT. All of these activities are focused on one common goal: keeping EtherCAT stable and interoperable. That’s why there is only a single version of EtherCAT, and not a new version each year. The ETG holds multiple Plug Fests in Europe, Asia, and America each year. The Plug Fests bring EtherCAT device developers together to test and ensure device interoperability. Using the official EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool (CTT), each manufacturer conformance tests its EtherCAT devices prior to their release. The ETG awards the manufacturer a Conformance Certificate following a successful test in an accredited test lab. The ETG also holds international seminars and workshops and represents EtherCAT at tradeshows throughout the globe. It also provides product guides, joint tradeshow booths, and seminar exhibits to help its members market their EtherCAT products.

The ETG has the largest number of members out of any fieldbus organization in the world. The list of members can be found on its homepage. However, the decisive factor is not how many members there are, but how active the members are in the ETG. Both the number and variety of EtherCAT devices is unparalleled, and EtherCAT’s adoption rate across Europe, Asia, and America surpasses that of all other Industrial Ethernet technologies.*




The GERMAN DATA CENTER ASSOCIATION, which was established in 2018, is an association of operators and owners of data centers of all sizes. The federation is supported by leading research institutes, local communities and a network of partners. 

The association intends to offer data center operators in Germany a platform to work together to promote the growth of the sector and raise awareness of the industry in business, society and politics. The GDA also represents members with regard to laws, regulations and standards, other provisions and political issues in the relevant committees. The stated objectives of the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION are to sustainably improve the conditions for data center operators in Germany and to increase the investment attractiveness of German locations. 

With the organisation of various industry-specific events, the GDA provides a platform for the intensive exchange of information on technology- und market trends and high-level networking. With its members and partners, the association develops standards and other provisions for the design of data centers. In addition, the GDA initiates and realises research projects related to data centers. 

The GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION e.V. is domiciled in Frankfurt am Main.


VIRZ - Association for innovative Datacenter

The association promotes the constructive dialogue between data center operators and their planners, industry as well as research and teaching. The association strives for sustainable further development of the construction, operation and production of data center systems and related products.

Furthermore, the association promotes the exchange of experience between experts and data center managers in order to bundle their knowledge and know-how, thus ensuring a sustainable qualification of experts, engineers and data center managers.

An essential credo of the association is to maintain its independence and to target members with a very good reputation. In addition, the association has set us the goal of developing innovative ideas and concepts together with the members (experts and data center managers), so that they receive sustainable benefits from their membership in the association. On the one hand, it is important to respond to the needs and interests of the members and, on the other hand, to stringently avoid conflicts of interest that could arise between the member groups as a result of a possible client / contractor relationship. *

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