Smart building cabling


Modern, cost-efficient network that grows with your enterprise

Are you looking for a future-proof IT network that is both cost-effective and versatile? We can provide you with a complete system that fulfils all these requirements. An intelligent, cost-optimized and easily adapted concept - in brief: a network that can be adapted to the existing building, IT and process structures and that grows with your enterprise. Thanks to the smartNET concept, you are optimally equipped to meet the challenges of the future in the field of office and building cabling. Because this smart alternative to conventional structured cabling offers completely new possibilities. Opt for a comprehensive, future-proof concept that focuses on economic efficiency and flexibility, both for new network installations and for integration in existing systems. Flexibly expandable and optimized for Power over Ethernet applications (PoE).


Possibility of flexibly extending the bandwidth and individually assigning data rates on a department or process-specific basis within the building. High level of flexibility in the spatial layout or workplaces.


Considerable savings potential in the tertiary infrastructure (cable volume, cable ducts) thanks to intelligent architecture and use of office distributors.


Disruption-free extension and restructuring possible during ongoing business operation. Easy integration in any working environment.


A smart cabling architecture for a modern building IT network

Thanks to the intelligent concept, tertiary copper cable lengths can be reduced to a minimum, thereby permitting considerable cost savings. This is possible thanks to the use of a passive optical fiber consolidation point (CP) in the secondary sector which brings the future-proof glass fiber technology closer to the end user. Further savings are made possible by the so-called office distributors (OD) which are connected to the passive consolidation point in a ring or radial configuration in the tertiary sector and replace the conventional centralized floor distributors. Whereas a separate room is needed for large distributor units, the office distributors can be installed in the double-floor, in the ceiling area or on the walls and integrated in any working environment without imposing any additional space requirements. to the product page


Smart networking - The alternative to conventionally structured cabling

The benefits in numbers:


Reduction of the tertiary
copper cabling and
the fire load


Savings on time-intensive
on-site measurements thanks to pre-assembled cables

up to 50%

Time savings on site thanks
to pre-assembled cables


Reduced total (project) costs through the installation of the currently required ACTUAL scope



Our comprehensive building cabling solution

Implemented by a single supplier

As a reliable, expert full-service supplier, we support our customers from initial planning through to project completion. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated contact person, binding price offers and a complete infrastructure from a single source. Do you have any questions about planning, installing or revitalizing your building infrastructures? We would be delighted to help. Get in touch

Trouble-free project planning

We provide you with all-round support from the initial examination of the site and the planning work through (active and passive) installation and on to acceptance. This comprehensive project planning reduces the effort involved in coordination. Faithful to the smartNET concept, retrofits involve no interference to ongoing business operation.

Planning and cost security

We not only supply the entire infrastructure from a single source but also quote you a fixed, binding price for it. The offer always includes the complete data network including planning and commissioning. Future extensions can also be ordered at a calculable fixed price.


Any other questions?

Here you will find answers to various questions on the topic of smart building cabling.

If you’re currently using structured cabling: Is it possible to switch to the smartNET concept?

Even after using a passive network for a long period, almost every business is at some stage confronted with the fact that the network cabling needs to be revitalized because the requirements have changed over time. In such cases, a switch-over to the innovative smartNET concept is possible at any time. This is because the forward-looking network solution is practically independent of the existing cable infrastructure and is installed independently of the existing fire protection. It can therefore be installed without difficulty in parallel with the existing network infrastructure.

Can PreCONNECT® smartNET also be integrated as a partial extension in existing building cabling?

PreCONNECT® smartNET can be integrated at any time in an existing structured cabling solution. Consequently, the existing solution does not necessarily have to be removed. It is possible for the two structures to coexist in an overall network without any problem. The innovative network solution makes use of active and passive standard components that are also available and used for structured networks.

For what type of user is PreCONNECT® smartNET suitable?

PreCONNECT® smartNET permits flexible network construction that is suitable for all building structures and uses – irrespective of whether this is in an old or new building, or an office, sales or industrial space. The intelligent cabling architecture is also perfect for new buildings with as yet unknown usage and undefined users. What is more, it requires no building-level conversion measures for network extensions or switch-overs and is therefore also ideal for existing buildings that offer little scope for modifications. The building cabling solution can be used for very small or campus networks as well as for standalone solutions or in combination with conventional structured cabling.

What benefits can be expected from the use of office distributors?

Office distributors can be located anywhere where they won’t be in the way: In a double-floor, in a suspended ceiling or on a wall. The decisive advantage is that they can be integrated in any working environment without any additional space requirements, can be dismantled again at any time, and are versatile and easy to relocate. As a result, PreCONNECT® smartNET is also particularly suitable for historic listed buildings where the opportunity to perform conversions is extremely restricted.

Why is PreCONNECT® smartNET particularly suitable for Power-over-Ethernet applications (PoE)?

PoE makes it possible to provide an electric power supply to network-capable devices via an existing twisted-pair Ethernet cable. This means that the data cable used in these applications carries not only the data signals but also the electrical energy for the terminal devices. However, this technology only works if the cable temperature does not exceed 60°C. This problem is particularly acute when long copper cables are used, which is not infrequent in the case of structured cabling. Because the tertiary cabling is reduced to a minimum in the case of PreCONNECT® smartNET, the problem of cable heating is eliminated from the outset by the short transmission paths, and the attenuation that occurs with PoE is significantly reduced.