PreCONNECT® smartNET – smart networking


Modern, cost-efficient network that grows with your enterprise

The network solution offering the highest level of flexibility is PreCONNECT® smartNET. Alongside the enhanced flexibility in the spatial layout of the workplaces, the cabling system also offers the possibility of individually assigning data rates on a department or process-specific basis within the building. All in all, PreCONNECT® smartNET is a network solution that adapts to existing building, IT and process structures and which grows with your enterprise.

In addition, the cabling system excels through its outstanding economic efficiency. Thanks to the intelligent concept, tertiary copper cable lengths can be reduced to a minimum, thereby permitting considerable cost savings.

Further savings are made possible by the so-called office distributors (OD) which are connected to the passive consolidation point in a radial configuration in the tertiary sector and act as a distributed system replacing the conventional centralized floor distributors.

PreCONNECT® smartNET also ensures a high level of investment security. Thanks to the reduced copper cable lengths in the tertiary infrastructure, this network solution is optimized for the forward-looking Power over Ethernet applications (PoE) that are increasingly gaining ground in the working world. The planning, installation and commissioning of the network solution are undertaken by Rosenberger OSI itself or by its qualified partners on-site. Only high-quality components are used.


PreCONNECT® smartNET LAN cabling system consists of:

  • Range of planning and installation services
  • State-of-the-art distribution components
  • Fiber optic cables pre-assembled on one or two sides with up to 48 fibers
  • Various 19” panel systems for splice or patch applications
  • Wall and underfloor distributors with customer- and application-oriented active components as office distributors
  • Connecting sockets and patchcords
  • Useful accessories



  • End-to-end, fully harmonized and outstandingly flexibly cabling system for cabling buildings and offices
  • Forward-looking fiber optic technology, including at the level of space requirements
  • Reduced-length copper links for connection of clients
  • Time- and cost-efficient LAN cabling thanks to the use of cables pre-assembled on one or two sides depending on local requirements to offer up to 50% time saving at the installation site.
  • Standards-compliant planning and implementation
  • Thanks to the gel-free cables, it is not necessary to clean the fibers when splicing on-site and work is therefore more efficient
  • The cables are available in various fire classes (CPR)
  • Indoor cables for permanent installation are available ex stock in the highest available fire protection class (B2)


Fields of application of the continuous LAN cabling system:

modern and modular cabling solution with more flexibility for buildings and office environments

  • for the increasing requirements in terms of flexibility and bandwidth
  • for fast fiber optic tertiary-sector cabling as close as possible to the end user

Further information about the different applications can be found in the product information.

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  • Great flexibility in the extension of the bandwidth and the individual assignment of data rates.
  • High level of flexibility in the spatial layout or workplaces.
  • Network solution optimized for Power over Ethernet applications (PoE).
  • Considerable savings potential in the tertiary infrastructure (cable volume, cable ducts) and at the level of power consumption thanks to efficient office distributors installed close to the end users.


Properties of individual system components 

PreCONNECT® smartNET is an intelligent structured cabling concept that seeks to optimize the advantages of the well-known Ethernet topologies. The result is a cost-optimized data network that permits future adaptations. The aim is to reduce the tertiary copper cabling to a minimum and bring fiber optic technology as close as possible to the end device. The conventional floor distributors are replaced by office distributors which are flexibly connected from the building distributor via a passive fiber optic consolidation point in a radial configuration.

The connection to the fiber optic consolidation point depends on the specific requirements concerning bandwidth and network structure. The configuration of the office distributors depends on the IT and process structure. At the same time, the characteristics of the building are also taken into account. The office distributors can be located wherever they interfere the least with overall business activities. Optionally also in a double-floor, a false ceiling, in a niche, etc. As far as possible, pre-assembled fi-ber optic and copper cables are used because these permit faster installation on site and also provide greater protection for investments. 

PreCONNECT® smartNET at a glance:

  • Innovative, redundant Ethernet cabling concept with passive optical fiber consolidation points and office distributors, optimum conditions for the redesign of local space layouts
  • Faster project lead times and reduced material consumption, time savings of up to 50% during installation thanks to the use of pre-assembled cables, potential materials savings of 50 – 75% in the tertiary copper cabling and fire walls thanks to the use of optical fiber cables
  • Service provision from experts: Planning, production, installation and commissioning of the network solution from a single supplier,
    reduced coordination effort, consistent project planning
  • Gel-free optical fiber cables, simpler splicing
  • Reduced-diameter optical fiber cables, forward-looking thanks to reduced cable duct occupancy to permit future expansion
  • MTP®| MPO connecting cables (as an alternative to LC), reduced cable-laying work, highly compact solutions
  • CU cables and CU patchcords, fully harmonized components
  • Cables available in class B2 (CPR), currently the highest available fire protection class


Office distributors and other distributors 

PreCONNECT® smartNET 19” free-standing distributor 

  • Stable, welded frame construction
  • 19” level front and back, 19HU
  • Optimum, rapid access thanks to the removable cladding parts
  • Dimensions (W x D): 600 x 700mm
  • Pre-perforated areas for the insertion of cables in the top and base sections
  • Possibility of housing a fan module in the top and base sections
  • Two-way door hinges
  • Doors with swivel handle, possibility of incorporating DIN profile half cylinder locks
  • Cover and side panels with turnbuckle-type fast-locking mechanisms

Technical information

Material: sheet metal, cover made from Aluminium 
Surface: powder coated RAL 7035 light gray, side panels in RAL 7037 dust gray
Delivery form: assembled


PreCONNECT® smartNET 19” wall distributor

  • Protection type IP 54
  • Stable basic construction
  • 2 doors with swivel handle lock and three-point locking
  • Integrated viewing window on one side
  • Removable front cover
  • Doors with 1800-hinges for optimum accessibility
  • Profile half cylinder lock: Two-way key bit 5 mm
  • Integrated cable flange plates
  • Installation dimensions as per IEC 60297-3-100
  • Integrated outlet filter (IP 54) for fan installation


wall distribution panel, 4 HU

  • Dimensions: H=230mm, W=506mm, D=536mm with 19” level, 4 HU, aligned vertically with the supporting wall
  • RAL 7035 light grey 

 wall distribution panel, 6 HU

  • Dimensions: H=360mm, W=557mm, D=636mm with 19” level, 6 HU, aligned vertically with the supporting wall
  • RAL 7035 light gray


PreCONNECT® smartNET 19” free-standing distributor for side-by-side installation

  • Disassemblable steel section rack frame
  • Two lateral door inserts with locking mechanism
  • Front and back perforated sheet door with three-point locking (free perforated sheet cross-section 80%)
  • Possibility of installing a profile half cylinder lock
  • 19” level 42 HU, front and back
  • Top with cable passage capability and/or installation of fan module
  • Base plinth provided separately
  • Cover plates in floor area, removable for cable insertion
  • For W=800mm: Metal cable clips 66mm x 125mm at front 19” level (set=10 items)
  • Earthing set (mounted)
  • Set of M5 screws (50 items)

Technical information: 

Surface: Cladding parts/plinth painted RAL 7035 light grey
Design sections: painted RAL 3002 crimson red, other colours on request
Delivery form: fully assembled, plinth provided separately

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