Fiber Optic Connectors

PRIZM® LightTurn®


No more limitations due to PCB copper strip lines - High-speed fiber optic transmission - directly at the PCB

Constantly increasing bandwidth requirements in all areas of communication and computing are placing ever greater demands on networking I/O equipment. Current edge-mount copper or fiber interfaces are at their limits even over the short distances on the PCB. Embedded parallel optics have become the solution of choice to meet these demands.

High-performance routers, switches and computers have already been utilizing this technology for a decade. Parallel optic solutions are currently used in a wide range of applications: in links between nodes of supercomputers, switches in international Internet gateways as well as in data centers and central offices. Embedded opto-electrical modules and optical engines utilize parallel-optics transmitter and receiver arrays. 

For optimum signal integrity, thermal management, I/O consolidation and EMI/ESD, the opto-electrical modules are directly mounted close to the processors at the PCB. Parallel-optic links can complement electronic signalling in parallel lanes such as XAUI and PCIe. Using PRIZM® Light Turn®, it is possible to implement a passive plug connection between the opto-electrical modules and the fiber optic network.



  • 12 to 48F
  • Assembled for MT ferrule
  • Assembled for MTP® and MPO
  • Assembled for ribbon
  • Assembled for round cable


Rosenberger OSI Competence:

  • First manufacturer of MTP® cabling systems and one of the largest assemblers in Europe
  • US Conec Ltd. PRIZM® LightTurn® assembly partner, IBM-qualified MTP® cabling system manufacturer
  • Exceptional level of availability, outstanding product and service quality



  • Solution to overcome the distance and bandwidth limitations of PCB copper strip lines
  • Small form factor permits increased board component densities
  • Facilitates increased card edge I/O densities
  • Permits greater energy efficiency
  • Supports improved thermal management of the equipment
  • Provides better EMI immunity
  • Decreases the complexity of PCB design
  • Increased system simplicity provides advantages from a latency, power and cost per gigabit perspective



  • Linking of supercomputer network nodes
  • Switches for international Internet gateways as well as in data centers and central offices


Forms of delivery: 


  • PRIZM® Light Turn® - ribbon – PRIZM® Light Turn®
  • PRIZM® Light Turn® - ribbon – MT ferrule
  • PRIZM® Light Turn® - ribbon – MTP® connector 
  • 2 x PRIZM® Light Turn® - ribbon – MTP® connector 24F 
  • 3 x PRIZM® Light Turn® - ribbon – MTP® connector 36F 
  • 4 x PRIZM® Light Turn® - ribbon – MTP® connector 48F 

Round cable

  • PRIZM® Light Turn® - round cable – MTP® connector 

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