Fiber Optic Connectors



  • MDC (Miniature Duplex Connector) of category Very-Small-Form-Faktor (VSFF) connector, Senior type
  • Even of its miniature design the connector has a rugged housing with central strain relief and push-pull-boot, with which the connector
  • can be plugged and un-plugged
  • A/B polarity easy and secure, toolless changeable
  • To attach transceivers with MDC interface and for MEGA-HIGH-DENSITY (MHD) infrastructure cabling

Quality levels

The surfaces of the connectors in the quality feature LOTUS are coated in order to achieve a dust-, grease- and humidity repellent
characteristic. In the unlikely case cleaning might be necessary it has to be carried out in a contact-free way by compressed air, only.
Abrasive cleaning tools like reel cleaner or click cleaner must not be applied.


  • data centers

Product Overview and Resources