Fiber Optic Connectors

Size 12 | Expanded Beam Connector


The Size 12 | expanded beam connector  is particularly well suited for tough environments and use in indoor and outdoor multimode applications. These contacts have a robust, reliable optical fiber connection. Its transmission performances are unaffected even in tough environments and when subjected to mechanical stresses. Thanks to the expansion of the optical beam, these expanded beam connectors are insensitive to contamination and allow for a variable working distance. The Size 12 expanded beam contact is suitable for use in circular connectors but can also be used in hybrid systems



  • Insensitive to contamination
  • Large number of mating cycles: < 100.000 x mating cycles
  • Robust connector design
  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable and fast transmission of high data rates
  • Suitable for cables of diameter 0.9 – 3.9 mm



  • The lens connector technology uses beam expansion as main functional principle.
  • The light exiting from the end of the fiber passes through a spherical lens and is expanded to a beam of a 100 to 200 times bigger area. On the opposite side an identical lens concentrates the incoming splayed beam back to its original diameter and back into the fiber.
  • In the proper connector area the signal is transferred by a comparably large area, without contact of the end faces. This effectively results in a significantly increased tolerance against dirt and reduces the distance sensitivity.



  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Defence
  • Mining
  • Broadcast

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