Fiber Optic Connectors

SC Connector (PC 0° and HRL/APC 8° or 9°)


The SC is an optical fiber connector for applications in the telecommunications sector, data centers, LAN cabling and for connecting active components. SC connectors are available for both singlemode and multimode applications.

Design: SC/PC and SC/APC. The SC/APC plug connector has an oblique, polished ferrule front face (8° or 9°). The light that is reflected here is no longer capable of propagation. Reflections are reduced to a minimum. This makes it possible to achieve a higher return loss. APC connectors are preferentially used for singlemode cables.



  • Single-fiber connector
  • Simplex and duplex
  • Push-pull-locking mechanism
  • Spring-mounted ferrule, centered on slotted sleeve
  • Tuning possible



  • SC: LAN - for cabling according to EN 50173 SAN and data centers
  • SC APC: Mobile communications, WDM/ DWDM systems, MAN and WAN CATV

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