Fiber Optic Connectors

LC Connector (PC 0° and HRL/APC 8°)


The LC is a small-form-factor connector system for fiber optic cabling in telecommunications systems, data centers and LANs. LC connectors are available for both singlemode and multimode applications.
Variants: LC/PC and LC/APC. LC/APC plug connectors have an obliquely (8°)  cut fiber endface that prevents reflected light from propagating at the location of the cut. Reflections are minimized, resulting in a higher return loss. APC connectors are preferentially used for singlemode cables.

The new generation of LC Compact connectors has a compact end housing which perfectly protects the fibers and permits reliable strain relief for the various cable types. Used in combination with round cables, this significantly improves their handling. Equally flexible through 360° without any preferential direction and a considerably reduced presence of corners and edges make these connectors easy and convenient to install. The polarity (A, B) can be subsequently reversed.

The LC Compact HD is an LC-Duplex push-pull connector. It is characterized by its compact, robust housing with a short central cable support and kink protection for round cables (Uniboot) as well as a push-pull tab. The A/B polarity can be changed easily without the need for any tools. This connector is particularly well suited for HIGH-DENSITY applications, such as panels with a large number of ports. The translucent duplex protective cap can be handled quickly and reliably and permits the light of laser pointers (visual fault locators) to pass through.



  • Small Form Factor (SFF) single-fiber connector
  • Simplex and duplex
  • Latch push-pull locking mechanism: latch must be pushed for unmating
  • Spring-mounted ferrule, centered on slotted sleeve
  • Tuning possible
  • Mini LC Duplex with reduced pitch of 5.25 mm available - indicated by yellow clip
  • New generation of LC Compact: Shorter design, Ruggedized housing, Polarity change by user



  • LAN
  • SAN and data centers
  • MAN and WAN

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