Fiber Optic Connectors

CS® Connector


The CS® (Connector Senko) EZ-Flip is a genuine Push-Pull-Tab duplex plug connector manufactured using 1.25-mm fully-ceramic ferrule technology. It belongs to the category of Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) plug connectors.

It was developed by Senko as an optical interface plug connector for QSFP-DD, OSFP and COBO transceivers and various other applications and is available in singlemode and multimode versions with both PC 0° and APC 8° cuts and is standardized in TIA-604-19 as SEN connector.

The CS® plug connector allows users to increase the port density per 19” height unit (HU) in datacenter optical fiber cabling infrastructures beyond the maximum 96 LC Duplex ports that are possible using our SMAP-G2 UHD.



  • CS® (Connector Senko) EZ-Flip of category Very-Small-Form-Faktor (VSFF) connector, Senior type
  • Even of its miniature design the connector has a rugged housing with central strain relief and push-pull-boot, with which the connector
  • can be plugged and un-plugged
  • A/B polarity easy and secure, toolless changeable



  • For connecting transceivers with CS® interface
  • Infrastructure cabling e.g. in data centers

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