FO panels

19" FO Panels & Tray systems


Rosenberger OSI supplies highly modular and extremely space-saving 19-inch rack-panel systems for datacenter cabling in the height units 1 HU, 2 HU, 3 HU, 4 HU and 5 HU and tray systems in the height unit 1/3 HU. Our various solutions for splice and distribution panels are suitable for installation in 19” cabinets in (building) distributors. The basic panels possess optimum functionality. Freely configurable and highly modular universal boxes are used in a variety of installation environments in which no 19” applications are necessary or possible.


19" Panels & tray systems for data center applications


High-density panels for maximized space savings

Server cabinets account for a significant proportion of the datacenter infrastructure. A so-called rack accommodates multiple servers and network components, generally in 19-inch format and on various levels. The width is predetermined by the 19-inch size (48.26 cm) of the corresponding equipment. The height is determined by the type and number of items for installation.

One important criterion is the place-saving arrangement of IT components inside the racks in order to keep the cost per unit area as low as possible. To this end, Rosenberger OSI supplies a range of panel systems with different packing densities - from Standard Density with 48 LC-Duplex or MTP®/MPO ports per height unit through to Ultra High-Density panel systems with up to 96 LC-Duplex or 48 MTP®/MPO ports per height unit.


19" Panels for universal building infrastructures


Optical fiber panel for installation in 19" cabinets in (building) distributors

The optical fiber splice and distribution panels are basic panels that provide optimum functionality together with the possibility of accommodating up to 24 channels (48 fibers) with 1 HU or up to 48 channels (96 fibers) with 2 height units. The 19” housings are available in the following two variants: Fixed installation or telescopic complete pull-out, i.e. fully retractable. Passive and active network components such as optical fiber panels, patchfields, bridges, routers, switches and hubs can be accommodated and protected in network cabinets. They are vital fundamental components of the overall building cabling.

The 3+1 HU 19” splice module panel, which is very easy to install and maintain, is an excellent solution for splice connections with large numbers of fibers for up to 144 channels (288 fibers).

We also supply freely configurable and highly modular universal boxes for an enormous range of installation environments in which no 19” applications are necessary or possible. They are used for the connection of small numbers of fibers when there is no infrastructure in the form of racks, wall distributors, skirting or cable ducts. The mini-universal box is also particularly suitable for industrial and outdoor cabling as well as for cabling in humid or wet premises.

Order quickly and easily online

In our Online Shop, you will find a wide range of 19” splice and distribution panels (1HU and 2HU) in singlemode OS2 and multimode OM3, OM4. It is possible to select the 48- or 96-fiber variant and the connection type  LC/LC-Duplex or SC/SC-Duplex. Here you will also find panel accessories such as splice cassettes, cable conduit managers or patchcord guides.

The advantages to you: Delivery time: approx. 1 working day. No minimum order amount. Carriage-free as of an order value of €100.