FO panels




  • For up to 24 channels (48 fibers)
  • Universal box available as distribution panel and as splice panel:
  • 1. DISTRIBUTION PANEL: Assembled cables can be inserted on both sides, fixed in place and connected to an internal patchfield.
  • 2. SPLICE PANEL: Buffered-fiber pigtails or cable pigtails or pigtail bundle cables inserted ready for splicing. To splice pigtails to cables, the cables can be fed in and fastened at the appropriate side on the front of the unit. To connect pigtails to assembled cables, the cables can be connected to the pigtails in the patchfield on the other side of the front of the unit. Cables can also be spliced directly to one another (cable splicing)



  • Freely configurable, extremely modular universal box for a wide range of installation environments in which 19" applications are either not necessary or not possible

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