VersaTray 19" Tray System


Combining serviceability with maximum flexibility

With VersaTray, Rosenberger OSI is now able to offer an outstandingly modular, easy-to-maintain 19” tray system for high-density cabling solutions in data centers. 
The forward-looking design opens up hitherto unexplored possibilities for accessing the interior of the rack and applying the pay-as-you-grow principle.
Since the design is based on the use of extensible tray elements and 1/3 HU drawers, the overall height of the tray system can be individually adapted to meet specific customer requirements. Thanks to the overall system granularity of 1/3 HU, even the smallest installation spaces in the rack become productive. 

The drawers have two pull-out positions to make the fiber-optic modules inside them more accessible than in the past. The drawers can also be completely removed from the unit thanks to an innovative, easy-to-operate unlock mechanism. The drawer widths are subdivided 4/4 and 6/6, making it possible to accommodate modules of two different sizes. Both types of module are available as MTP®/MPO modules, coupler modules or alternatively as splice modules and can be equipped with all standard couplers (LC, SC, MDC, SN®, MTP®, MDC, E-2000®). 

No tools are needed when installing the modules thanks to the use of a uniquely designed leaf spring system. What is more, the modules can be installed from the front, back, top and even at an angle. Handling is greatly simplified by the fact that there is no need to align the modules precisely with their mounts. 
The patchcords are guided by height unit-independent patchcord guides which are located at the front of every module. In addition to the fiber-optic connection technology variants listed above, VersaTray also supports the transfer of electrical signals. The drawer developed for this function measures 2/3 HU and possesses mounts for RJ45 keystone modules as well as for keystone modules for fiber-optic signal transmission.



  • Optimized access to the inside of the rack from the front of the rack thanks to innovative drawer support elements
  • Overall system extensible to accommodate any number of height units (HU) in steps of 1/3 HU (pay-as-you-grow)
  • The drawers are partially and fully retractable and can also be removed without the need for tools if required.
  • In the 1/3 HU design, the width of the drawers is subdivided 4/4 and 6/6 for the accommodation of fiber-optic modules
  • In the 2/3 HU variant, the drawers possess mounts for RJ45 and fiber-optic keystone modules
  • The unique leaf spring system makes it possible to insert and remove fiber-optic modules from the front, back, top and even at an angle of the mounts
  • Fiber-optic modules are available as MTP®/MPO modules, coupler modules and splice modules (single and ribbon fibers) for both the 4/4 and 6/6 drawer width layouts
  • Drawers with built-in height unit-independent patchcord guides
  • A trunk support can be installed independently of the usual distribution system and can be subsequently extended in steps of 1 HU, 2 HU and 4 HU


Port density 1/3 HU:

LC-Duplex:  24 Ports / 48 Fibers
SN®: 48 Ports / 96 Fibers
MDC: 72 Ports / 144 Fibers
SC-Duplex: 8 Ports / 16 Fibers
E-2000®: 16 Ports / 16 Fibers
MTP® OCTO: 24 Ports / 192 Fibers
MTP® SEDECIM: 24 Ports / 384 Fibers



  • Exceptional versatility and modularity
  • Can be equipped and combined with all standard couplers
  • Integration of splice solutions for single and ribbon fibers
  • Integration of RJ45 and fiber-optic keystone modules
  • Fiber-optic modules for 4/4 and 6/6 width layouts make it possible to choose the number of ports per module
  • Modules are available as MTP®/MPO modules, coupler modules, splice modules or blank modules
  • Modular system (pay-as-you-grow)
  • The entire system can be constructed using 1/3 HU basic elements
  • Individual modules can be added or replaced
  • The trunk support can be extended in steps of 1 HU, 2 HU and 4 HU


Service-friendly installation

  • Can be installed by one person  
  • Shorter access distances thanks to optimized access to the rack interior from the front of the rack
  • Fewer work operations thanks to the possibility of installing trunks directly and in the separate trunk holder
  • Outstanding ease of access to modules and ports thanks to multiple drawer pull-out positions and the possibility of removing the drawers.
  • The unique leaf spring system makes it possible to insert and remove fiber-optic modules from the front, back, top and even at an angle.
  • Use of shuttered LC and MTP® couplers for the fast, reliable installation of patchcords 
  • Reduced cable volume thanks to matching VersaTray I-F divider trunks
  • Optimized cable management thanks to the possibility of fixing the I-F dividers of matching VersaTray trunks directly in the coupler modules. 



  • Server and whitespace rooms with 19” panel systems in data centers
  • Meet-me rooms and distribution in colocation data centers and telecoms applications with splice capability for single and ribbon fibers.
  • Server rooms with a very wide variety of packing densities, whether flexible with low-density or with high-density cabling
  • Suitable for spine-leaf architectures
  • For all IT applications such as Ethernet and Fiber Channel

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