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Data Center

We deliver sustainable solutions: Flexibly and fast!

1. Forward Looking - Right from the Start

Thanks to our long-standing expertise and our active participation in various associations and standardization bodies, we are already well aware of the demands that will be placed on your data center of the future. Taking the individual components as our starting point, we develop application-specific, sustainable solutions. Rosenberger OSI’s highly experienced employees will work with you on your project right from the outset. Rock-solid consulting. For a secure future. And a safe investment. That is what Rosenberger OSI stands for.

2. Technology Leadership

As early as 1997, Rosenberger OSI was one of the first companies to look at the potential of parallel optics cabling. This pioneering technology is now a decisive factor for future-proofed IT infrastructures. What is more, we are not content just to offer standard solutions: our products stand for the best possible quality, maximized transmission values and ease of operation. All of which means you benefit from outstanding performance, exceptional modularity and the most efficient cabling solutions available.

3. Outstanding Data Center availability thanks to comprehensive services

Transmission paths and attenuation budgets must be considered right from the start in the design of a modern data center. Installation requires the utmost care and comprehensive know-how. In addition, the necessary resources must be available. Our skilled employees will work at your premises to ensure reliability and security in every phase of the project. Dependable. Committed. Straightforward. Offering planning, maintenance and documentation from a single source. Rosenberger OSI: Your direct route to efficient, secure data center operation.


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A natural phenomen helps high-tech & it works for datacenters

The adhesion of dust, moisture or grease particles on FO contacts are frequent reasons for failure. Nature has the solution to this problem: the lotus effect.

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Rosenberger OSI presents radical innovation PreCONNECT® LOTUS

Rosenberger OSI's unique coating of the fiber optic surfaces acts like the lotus effect in nature: the contact points are dirt repellent.

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Services across all project phases - one-stop-shop partner

Rosenberger OSI's DC services consist of the five cornerstones: planning & consulting, operation, managed services, installation services, consulting services.…

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New product Identification Patch Cord (IDP)
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IDP - schnelle & sichere Identifizierung von Patchkabelenden

Das Identification Patch Cord (IDP) macht die sichere Identifizierung von Patch-Kabelenden einfacher und unterstützt so die Verfügbarkeit im Rechenzentrum.

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