Single source of services and cabling solutions for colocators


Colocation data centers must always provide state-of-the-art technology and outstanding scalability, while also ensuring compliance with standards. And these are just three of the many challenges confronting Multi-Tenant Data Centers (MTDC). This is because, on the one hand, customers expect a colocation space that is perfectly tailored to them and their business models. On the other, they also have very high expectations in terms of data center services. Relocations or extensions to the available space must be completed rapidly and new cable paths must be installed with no loss of time. At Rosenberger OSI, we both know and understand the challenges facing MTDC’s. Alongside our extensive portfolio of products for resilient, future-proof cabling infrastructures, we also offer a comprehensive range of services. Making us an expert, reliable partner for every aspect of co-location operation. From the equipment for the underlying infrastructure, through increases in the number of hosted tenants and on to consulting, installation and managed services. The benefits to you: With us, you can realize your specific individual expectations in practice expertly and immediately. With no loss of information or time and answers to all your warranty questions.


Our services are perfectly adapted for the requirements of colocation data centers

Consulting Services
Consulting Services
  • Professional planning of datacenter relocations
  • Design of bespoke cabling layouts for the white space 
  • Expert consulting regarding standards as well as current regulations such as KRITIS (German regulation on Critical Infrastructures)
  • Conduct of professional workshops
Installation Services
Installation Services
  • Conduct of datacenter relocations
  • Professional cable laying and quality assurance by specialists Starting with the active components, through the cabling and on to the power connections
  • Coordination of the subcontractors involved in implementing the infrastructure: Power supply, safety and fire detection technology
  • Pre-cabling services for faster cross-connect implementations
Managed Services
Managed Services
  • Provision of 24/7 Incident Management: HW troubleshooting and spare parts service
  • Provision of “hands and eyes” services on-site
  • Rack & stack services in everyday business operations
  • Coordination of access control
  • Bespoke documentation in the customer’s own asset management system
  • Materials management Logistics, goods acceptance, warehouse management
Meet-me room (MMR)
Meet-me room (MMR)


  • High space requirement
  • Continuous increase in the number of telecoms providers to be connected
  • Need for redundant tier IV structures
  • Requirement for panels that are optimized for splice/patch applications

We supply the following solutions specially for MMR’s:

  • High-density panel systems in 19” and ETSI format for optimum space utilization
  • Wide range of versatile optical fiber patchcords with cable diameters as of 1.6 mm
  • Individually configurable panels pre-equipped for splicing
  • Great variety of top-quality optical fiber connectors: From LC, through MTP®/MPO, SC, E-2000®, MDC and on to expanded beam connectors
MMR-to-zone distributor cabling
MMR-to-zone distributor cabling


  • Complex cable routing
  • High space requirements inside the cable ducts, in particular when transitioning between different fire compartments
  • Need for scalability due to dynamic growth

We supply the following solutions specially for the cabling from MMR to zone distributor:

  • High-fiber-count I-B trunks for considerable space savings across the area
  • Professional planning services for future-proof, scalable cabling infrastructures
  • Optimized modular YellowDuct® cable management systems
Zone distributors
Zone distributors


  • No standard dimensions for zone distributors
  • Considerable time pressures due to SLAs when connecting new customers
  • Difficulties when patching through high-density panels

We supply the following solutions specially for zone distributors:

  • High level of customization possible due to modular panel systems: Different vertical and horizontal divisions of the front plates, variable segmentation of the panel back planes, various panel depths
  • Managed Services to reduce the load on your own specialists
  • LC-COMPACT push-pull boot for simple handling despite exceptionally high port density
Cabling from the zone distributor to the customer area
Cabling from the zone distributor to the customer area


  • Constant changeovers of customers with different requirements in terms of cabling
  • Considerable time pressures during the installation of the cabling
  • Need for the highest possible speed

We supply the following solutions specially for the cabling from the zone distributor to the customer area:

  • Installation Services to provide support during the implementation of new cabling paths
  • PreCONNECT® SEDECIM: MTP® /MPO-based datacenter cabling optimized for 400 and 800G applications
  • PreCONNECT® PURE quality feature: Time savings during initial installation because the sealed connection interfaces of the optical fiber cabling systems require no cleaning
Customer area (racks, cages, suites)
Customer area (racks, cages, suites)


  • Individual customer wishes
  • Customers demand optimum space utilization

We supply the following solutions specially for the customer area:

  • Highly customizable panel systems: Possibility of combining multiple connection and fiber types flexibly within one and the same panel
  • Maximized port density for optimum space utilization: With the MDC, it is possible to implement 128 ports per 19” height unit

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Rosenberger OSI is supporting envia TEL during the expansion of DE-CIX Leipzig

„We appreciate Rosenberger OSI’s short decision-making paths, rapid service provision and operational flexibility. Rosenberger OSI supported us so well with its expertise and proposed solutions that our everyday work was made a lot easier“.

Marco Findeisen, Data Center Engineer at envia TEL


Saving in costs plus reduced space requirements through scalable cabling

For colocation providers in particular, the scalability of the cabling infrastructure is very important - especially in relation to cage and suite customers. These often only require incremental increases in bandwidth and fiber channels, which means your operational costs are only proportional to your current requirements. In the following video of our expert Luis Brücher you will get insides about modular cabling solutions that address some of these challenges.


Comprehensive services for colocation activities

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
Expert consulting and planning services for a bespoke cabling infrastructure.

Installation Services

Installation Services
Professional cable laying and quality assurance by specialists.

Managed Services

Managed Services
Comprehensive services for secure data center operation.


Optical fiber cabling solutions and components for colocation data centers

Optical fiber cabling systems
Comprehensive system solutions for structured cabling. Which system best meets your requirements?

Panel systems
Highly modular 19” panel systems - From standard to ultra-high-density for maximum space savings.

Optical fiber patchcords
Simplex and duplex patchcords for singlemode OS2 9/125 and multimode 50/125 OM3, OM4 - together with all the commonly used connectors.

Patch location racks
Space-saving with an extremely high port density. Can be used as a transfer point for network transitions in meet-me rooms.