FO Harness


FO harnesses are factory assembled multifiber divider cables, which separate the fibers within multifiber connectors at one side (e.g.  MTP®, EBO MPE, EBO Latch) to singlefiber connectors (e.g. LC, SC, E-2000®, SN®, MDC, CS® etc.). We are offering FO harnesses with singlemode and multimode fibers within FRNC-LSZH indoor cables for fixed and weatherproof application acc. to IEC 60721-3-3 (e.g. data center, building). 

You can also now order online in our Rosenberger OSI Online Shop- the Webshop of the fiber optics expert. In the Webshop, you will find our fiber-optic harnesses with singlemode and multimode OM3 and OM4 fibers in FRNC-LSZH indoor cables for stationary, weather-protected use in accordance with IEC 60721-3-3 (e.g. data centers, buildings). Fast delivery. No minimum order amount Carriage-free as of an order value of €100. 5-year guarantee. 

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  • Kink and crush resistance optimized for environmental conditions
  • Operating temperature range climate class C „indoor, controlled environment“ acc. to IEC 60753-1, -10°C to +60°C
  • Harness divider made of molded-plastic half-shells with grooves for hooking in


Fiber-optic harness - Other technical characteristics:

Fiber categories:
Singlemode and multimode

Available with all commonly used connectors, such as LC, SC, E-2000®, MTP®, SN®, CS®, MDC.

Form of delivery:
Attenuation (IL) measured in accordance with IEC 61300-3-4 method „B“, MM 850nm/SM 1310nm, measurement values on request, or can be downloaded from our website by using the serial numbers of the harness
Serial number label with length information at the harness divider
Individually packaged in foil bags with product ID label

Length tolerances:
Up to 1 m = - 50 mm
2 m to 3 m = - 100 mm
4 m to 25 m = - 200 mm
Longer than 25 m = - 1 %


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  • To separate the fibers within multifiber connectors like MTP® at one side to singlefiber connectors like LC, SN®, MDC, CS®, SC, E2000® ect.
  • For stationary and weather protected application acc. to IEC 60721-3-3, like within data centers and buildings.


Examples for Portbreakout of the individual duplex ports within MPO transceivers to duplex transceivers:


  • 40GBASE-SR4 MPO4+4 to 4x 10GBASE-SR/SW LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 100GBASE-SR4 MPO4+4 to 4x 25GBASE-SR/SW LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 200GBASE-SR4 MPO4+4 to 4x 50GBASE-SR/SW LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 400GBASE-SR4 MPO4+4 to 4x 100GBASE-SR/SW LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 400GBASE-SR8 MPO16 to 8x 50GBASE-SR/SW LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 4x16GFC MPO4+4 to 4x 16GFC LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 4x32GFC MPO4+4 to 4x 32GFC LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 4x64GFC MPO4+4 to 4x 64GFC LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®


  • 100GBASE DR4/PSM4 MPO4+4 to 4x 25GBASE-LR LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 4x10GBASE-LR MPO4+4 to 4x 10GBASE-LR LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 200GBASE-DR4 MPO4+4 to 4x 50GBASE-LR LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 400GBASE-DR4 MPO4+4 to 4x 100GBASE-LR LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®
  • 800GBASE-DR8/PSM8 MPO16 to 8x 100G LC-Duplex/MDC/SN®

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