Cable management system

Cable Manager for Data Centers


The Rosenberger OSI Cable-Management-System has been developed especially for patch distributors and equipment racks in data centers, to manage the emerging large cable volumes, caused by high density in a professional and appropriate way. 


System consists of:

  • Both horizontal and vertical cable managers are offered.
  • Material Cable Manger - Body and Cover: Aluminum, powder coated RAL 9005 black matt structure, L-Finger and Cover-Hinge: Polyamide PA, deep black matt, halogen-free, flame-retardant UL94-V0
  • Material Cable-Overlength-Duct: Steel, powder coated RAL 9005 black matt structure
  • As an alternative to our horizontal 19" cable managers, we also offer a height unit-saving 19" variant


Rosenberger OSI „Cable Managers“ are FO suitable through:

1.) The so-called „L-Fingers“ which are forming the „Finger-Slots“:

  • They are rounded all-over, without sharp edges.
  • They guarantee high bending and kinking protection for the cable even under tensile load.
  • They are very robust and break resistant.

2.) The large so-called „Finger-Slots“:

  • Therein the cables have lots of space and they are neither squeezed nor kinked. 

Rosenberger-OSI „Cable-Manager“ are very installation and handling friendly through:

1.) The covers, which are hinged in both directions and completely removable.

2.) The all-over rounded L-Fingers:

  • During installation and de-installation the cables cannot be damaged through sharp edges.
  • The cables can be installed and de-installed very easily and securely in the Cable Managers.
  • During operation with open or removed covers the „L-Fingers“ hold the cables back inside of the „Finger-Slots“, the cables cannot escape.

3.) The cable overlengths are stored inside of especially suitable ducts at the rear sides of the Vertical Cable Managers. 


Cable Management Systems:

  • Cable Management System Vertical Cable Manager 41 HU 1823 x 186 x 107 mm
  • Cable Management System Vertical Cable Manager 41 HU 1823 x 186 x 107 mm with on the back mounted cable-overlength-duct 
  • Cable Management System Vertical Cable Manager 45 HU 2001 x 186 x 107 mm

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