ELMEC – Only top-of-the-range components to guarantee maximum reliability and performance in our Tier IV Data Center


Towards a new digital ecosystem: scalable, agile and ultra secure infrastructure.


The TIER IV Data Center

ELMEC's BR4 data center sits on the outskirts of Varese and is a major example of Italian infra-structure in terms of numbers and potential, con-stantly evolving IT infrastructure and architectural solutions to support growing businesses.

Elmec technicians ensure the smooth running of its 13,000 m2 data center, with 2 of its 6 server rooms always active 24/7. With 2.4 MW of power, 8 million logs analysed every hour and 207 thou-sand managed backup tasks a week (with a 99.25% success rate), the Elmec data center has been TIER IV certified by the Uptime Institute with regard to its facility and design thanks to multiple, independent, redundant and physically isolated systems.

The TIER IV data center represents the very highest level, offering 99.995% guaranteed availability, with a maximum downtime of 0.4 hours a year. It is the safest type of data center, with N+2 redundancy: it ensures service availability both during maintenance operations and in the event of serious technical failures or accidents.


Our collaboration with Elmec is further confirmation of the suitability of our native solutions for data centers. To be chosen by one of Italy's most important IT service technology providers and the owner of one of only a few TIER IV certi-fied data centers fills us with satisfaction,” says Paolo Parabelli, Sales Manager at Rosenberger OSI Italia.

Right from the very first meetings, we realised that Elmec is a very demanding company from a technological point of view and was looking for bespoke solutions to best meet its needs. Rosenberger OSI has always been keen to deve-lop modular, scalable and integrated solutions, and so was able to propose and provide the right solution.”

Paolo Parabelli, Sales Manager Rosenberger OSI Italia.


For Elmec, continuous upgrading of the technologies used in its data center is not just a strength, but also a commitment to our clients. That is why we only choose to work with partners and suppliers that can guarantee high quality standards and innovative solutions, such as Rosenberger OSI.

Management Elmec


A structure that needs reliable suppliers

ELMEC built the second room of its Tier IV DC in late 2019. “We choose only top-of-the-range technologies and upgrade these on a continuous basis to create one of the most important infrastructures in Italy in terms of computing power and reliability. Rosenberger OSI's technical solution met all our modularity, scalability and flexibil-ity requirements for this project and its possible evolution,” says Elmec.

PreCONNECT® SMAP-G2 High Density (HD) high density optical cassettes and pre-terminated LC-LC trunk cables with single-mode and OM4 single-mode optic fiber have been used. The new magnetic-locking cable management kit completed the installation, for fully functional and tidy arrangement of the cables inside the rack, while also providing significant savings in terms of space compared to a conventional solution with horizontal cable guide panels. Pre-terminated copper trunk cables (PreCONNECT® COPPER ToR-G2) have been used: their smaller diameter (13.9 mm) has made it easier to run these and reduce the space needed inside the cable trays.


Wide margins for growth

The client-specific solution and product quality allow for plenty of room for growth and development.

Indeed, Rosenberger OSI has also recently de-veloped and introduced on the market an Ultra High Density (UHD) fiber optic cable distribution panel solution that guarantees 33% more expansions than previous HD solutions. These are likely to be of use in future developments of the Elmec Data Center.

Marking a break with the past, modern data centers now place considerable importance on aesthetic and functional factors: tidiness, cleanliness, ease of cable maintenance are now all seen as being crucial for optimal management of a data center. These are all qualities much appreciated by the operators, as they make their lives easier and have a positive impact on the end user.


Fast processes and rapid support

With its expertise and constant investment in research, Rosenberger OSI offers solutions that anticipate ever-growing client needs and demands, as well as ensuring optimal performance for the data center of the future, without ever losing sight of the lead times.

The distributor (Coel of Sesto San Giovanni in the province of Milan) also played an important role in the success of this project by guaranteeing very fast delivery times and services.


10% of major business concerns have already shut down their own data centers and switched to more advanced technologies, such as serverless computing and edge computing. This figure is expected to rise to 80% by 2025. Elmec's BR4 Data Center is one of the most important infrastructures in Europe in terms of the facilities it offers and technologies it uses, with over 470 specialised technicians manning the center 24/7.

With a partner like Elmec you can rest assured that you will benefit from safe, compliant ser-vices and the very latest technologies. This is key if you want to safeguard your most important assets: data and information.


Elmec is an Italian company providing IT services and solutions, for over 50 years assisting other businesses working towards digitalisation. A unique partner offering a full range of services to bring to fruition all your IT projects. In 2019, Forbes magazine included Elmec in its list of the top 50 international digital transformation companies.