Services across all project phases - Rosenberger OSI ensures lively data centers


Cabling specialist expands its services and offers comprehensive support, consulting and documentation for data centers

Augsburg, April 10, 2019 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructures in Europe, announces that its service portfolio has been restructured. Rosenberger OSI's services consist of the five cornerstones "data center planning and consulting", "data center operation", "managed services", "installation services" and "consulting services". Rosenberger OSI's customers thus receive all services for their data center infrastructure components from a single source in the form of a "one-stop-shop partner".

Data center planning & consulting

The key to success is the development of an individual development plan at the beginning of a project. This serves as a guideline for the implementation of a new data center. The spectrum reaches from the active side, up to the cabling and the necessary power connections. Depending on the security requirements of the data center, the fixed cabling (trunk cabling) is planned redundantly in accordance with the EN 50600 -2-4 standard and installed professionally.

As part of a data center inventory analysis and quality assurance, the cabling experts offer a proactive check of the passive IT infrastructure using OTDR (optical time domain reflectometry) or on the basis of a BERT test (bit error test). In addition, the existing cabling is analyzed for contamination using video microscopy. Furthermore, Rosenberger OSI is happy to ensure compliance with customer quality standards on the part of a third-party supplier within the framework of quality assurance management.

Data center operation

The experts at Rosenberger OSI not only take care of commissioning,but are also on hand as competent experts during operation. Specialized service technicians localize and diagnose warning and error messages and eliminate sources of error or replace defective components. In the event of malfunctions and failures during ongoing data center operations, the experts offer individually configured solution packages, such as 24/7 availability by telephone hotline or on-site emergency service at the data center.


Managed Services

Rosenberger OSI also enables its customers to use a service level agreement, i.e. a framework agreement for recurring services. The aim is to make the control possibilities transparent for the client by describing in detail the guaranteed performance characteristics such as scope of services, reaction time and speed in the processing/problem solution.

In addition, the cabling experts manage the material required for operation for their customers in appropriate warehouses, optionally even on their own premises. Complete documentation is a matter of course for the experts. Essential are a good software solution and a prompt recording of the cabling or the complete documentation of the MACs (move / add / changes).

Installation Services

An essential factor for high network performance is the careful positioning of the connectors, especially the fiber optic connector end faces. Due to their design, these are particularly sensitive to contamination and damage. However, all types of contamination must be avoided in order to ensure smooth data center operation. Regular quality controls are mandatory.

As a general contractor for the data center infrastructure, Rosenberger OSI also offers the realisation and/or control of related trades. This includes electrical installations, racks and enclosures or routes.

Consulting Services

The cabling experts clarify the current demand with their customers, but also have future growth on their screens. The necessary performance is determined together to avoid expensive overcapacities. A requirement profile is drawn up for a tailor-made cabling infrastructure that can react appropriately to the desired IT strategy.

Training courses and workshops are also part of Rosenberger OSI's portfolio of services. The experts on site ensure security in all project phases - from planning to installation, documentation and operation.