Service specialists are the heroes of the data center


Can digital infrastructures still fulfill their tasks in an increasingly demanding IT environment without technically experienced specialists?

Trends such as Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0 and Big Data are helping data centers to flourish. More and more data from different applications require more and more data center capacities. The market is booming. The Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability even assumes double-digit growth rates in a study, commissioned 2017 by the German digital association Bitkom. According to the study, further investments are planned in Germany over the next few years. The aim is, to expand and modernize the existing data center infrastructure. To this end, the active and passive components must be expanded or renewed. Due to this, increasing focus is put on the cabling infrastructure. Only modern cabling can guarantee the high performance, required by modern applications as data volumes grow.


No performance without service

Data centers are not rigid constructs, but growing entities. To avoid chaos, specialists are needed to maintain and supervise an installation. Service is increasingly coming to the fore. Service specialists not only take care of commissioning but are also on hand during operation. Their responsibilities are becoming more and more demanding.

However, the shortage of specialists has become a problem. This is where external service providers step into the breach, not only helping with the planning of the IT infrastructure, but also performing a wide range of tasks during ongoing operations. Rosenberger OSI, for example, offers a comprehensive package of services. Projects start with an initial settlement of the IT room. Once the architectural planning has been determined by the customer, he can decide for himself which services he wants to use. The service consultants are there to assist the customer in developing the necessary concept. Ideally, the customer should build a new data center and then hand over the complete operation of the IT infrastructure to the Rosenberger OSI service team as part of an outsourcing agreement.

Special knowledge is in demand

Active components such as switches and servers with their applications are a mainstay of the data center infrastructure. Another complex is the underlying infrastructure, the cabling. It usually leads a shadowy existence in everyday IT life and is often only noticed when it no longer works. However, the positive effects of data center renewal fizzle out, if the cabling can no longer keep up.

A renewal of the data center infrastructure therefore requires detailed planning. The cables are also playing a crucial role here. Service specialists can help in all project phases. They clarify the current demand with the customer, but also keep an eye on future growth. Rosenberger OSI already deals with the customer's wishes and requirements in the pre-sales phase. Together, a list of requirements is being created, and the corresponding service package is then subsequently put together.

An individual development plan is the guideline that helps to implement the new data center. Here, the spectrum ranges from the active side to cabling and the necessary power connections. Depending on the security requirements of the data center, the fixed cabling (trunk cabling) is planned redundantly in accordance with the EN 50600 -2-4 standard and installed professionally. The customer can rely on an all-round service from a single source.


Customer and service are one team

For Rosenberger OSI, all-round service includes close cooperation with the customer - in all project phases. That's why workshops and training courses are a central component of our service package. In addition, there is complete documentation. It is required for asset and facility management. Beyond that, it is essential for operational reliability in the data center.

Rosenberger OSI's 50-strong service team covers a wide range of services throughout Germany. In addition to data center operation, this also includes a hotline and graded Service Level Agreements (SLAs). They are explicitly geared to the needs of the customer. Adjustments to individual requirements can be made promptly. As a "one-stop-shop partner", Rosenberger OSI offers its customers everything from a single source. This includes standard solutions as well as individual solutions for the data center and LAN cabling. Competence, technical know-how and an understanding of current and emerging technologies are the company's skills. Rosenberger OSI thus offers a professional service that will be needed in data centers today and in the future.