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Digitization meets cabling competence: Rosenberger OSI is restructuring its process organization


Cabling specialist implements the trend towards digitization among SMEs early

Augsburg, 19th July 2017 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructures, announces that it has profitably implemented the Europe-wide expansion strategy by digitizing its internal processes. The successes are based on the “KOMPASS” project, launched in the context of the international growth strategy, and which transformed Rosenberger OSI into a process organisation in 2015. In so doing, Rosenberger OSI has become a pioneer among SMEs, as the business processes were fully digitized on the basis of the process organization. This resulted in flat hierarchies, a reduction in the number of internal interfaces, rapid decision making and a high knowledge transfer. “The digitization not only enabled us to optimize our internal processes, but also helped us to position ourselves as an attractive employer that focuses specifically on its customers. This is because we no longer want to think in terms of departments, but as a team providing the customer with the most useful result as quickly as possible,” explains Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Rosenberger OSI.

The restructuring was prompted by the increasing complexity of the business processes, the high demands on product quality as well as the extremely short times-to-market. Ultimately, the question at the time was whether the employees would be able to continue providing this service in future using today’s processes, while remaining motivated. Therefore, the transition of the company into a process organization with core, management and support processes was defined as the stated goal. The aim was to make the company structure more effective, efficient and open to change in future.

It all started with the development process

Rosenberger OSI rolled-out the development process in 2015, which became the first new core process in the company. In the next step, the core business processes (development, marketing/sales, production) were re-engineered by the respective project teams, the management processes defined and the supporting processes integrated.

The focus was on team work combined with independent work and the assumption of responsibility. Flat hierarchies and the associated independent and hence faster decisions will ensure even more satisfied customers in future. With this strategy, Rosenberger OSI is also emphasizing its attractiveness as an employer. “The rapid decision making, ideally where each employee independently pushes ahead with its own projects, also makes Rosenberger OSI an attractive place to work. Because every individual member of staff is meanwhile expected to be enterprising, take responsibility, cooperate and show respect,” says the Managing Director.


Promoting growth and innovation

Rosenberger OSI aims to continue to set standards with the company's internal digitization, both with innovative product developments as well as with consulting, after-sales and development services. Rosenberger OSI is also continuing to pursue its growth strategy and is thus enhancing its efforts to become a company known throughout Europe for its quality and innovative strength as well as the preferred system supplier of passive transmission technology for the datacom, telecom and industrial sectors.

Further growth is expected

“Our process organization is the first step towards digitization and reduces the bureaucratic and administrative pressure. All current processes have already been digitized and are regularly monitored and continuously optimized. With KOMPASS and the associated digitization, we have adopted the right approach in order to achieve our strategic goals. We were able to successfully expand our innovative strength, efficiency, speed and flexibility. We are already looking forward to the next growth stages,” sums up Thomas Schmidt.