Rosenberger OSI promotes "digital collaboration" in times of Corona


Cabling specialist pushes digitalization and focuses on high security standards

Augsburg, July 28, 2020 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI) announces that the restructuring into a process organization, which was completed several years ago, has proved to be fully effective. Within the scope of the "KOMPASS" project, all business processes at the manufacturer of innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructures in Europe were digitalized and optimized. The positive effects of this restructuring have become particularly apparent during the Corona crisis, so that Rosenberger OSI sees its position confirmed. Regardless of whether customer concerns, home office communication, training or high security standards - thanks to the completed digitalization all projects could be processed and successfully finalized during the last months without any problems.

Rosenberger OSI had already transferred the entire company into a process organization in 2015 as part of the "KOMPASS" project launched as part of its international growth strategy. A comprehensive digitalization of the work processes was the declared goal and made the company a digital pioneer in the SME sector. This has resulted in stable and highly efficient business processes that can react very flexibly to changing market conditions and requirements. 


Process organization proves itself

The corona crisis confronted the cabling expert with various challenges. However, the flexible process organization and the associated digitalization proved to be a real benefit. Within two days, all employees were able to carry out their tasks from their home office without any problems with the appropriate equipment. Thanks to communication independent of time and place, customer requests could be fulfilled "from a distance". The business processes and all subsequent processes ran extremely stable and efficient despite the deployment of the home office. The usual short response times to customer enquiries could also be guaranteed at all times. "Half of our staff at the headquarters moved their workplace to the home office overnight. This highlighted how committed to the company and our customers our employees are," says Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Rosenberger OSI. "The reorganized processes, which could be completed with excellence in normal day-to-day business, were subjected to an extreme stress test due to the exceptional situation caused by the corona pandemic. They passed this test with flying colours", the Managing Director continued.


Training and support via online seminars

In order to continue to support home office staff and ensure a "work-life balance", digital seminars were organized and conducted online by the Steinbeis Institute. Cloud solutions were also implemented to promote digital collaboration within and between teams. "The digital collaborative work caused by Corona went smoothly from the very beginning. Right from the introduction of the process organization, the work mentality was characterized by teamwork in combination with independent work and the assumption of responsibility," reports Thomas Schmidt.


Successful business operations thanks to digitalization

Despite restrictions in many areas of social and business life, business operations ran smoothly for the OSI partners and customers. The flexible but robust organizational structure had made it possible to meet all customer requirements on time. Especially in the business areas data center, building cabling and mobile communications, Rosenberger OSI was faced with extreme challenges in the past months by the increased data volume caused by Corona. Especially in the area of data center services Rosenberger OSI has been able to support its customers since the beginning of the corona crisis, as data center operators currently experience an extreme need to upgrade their infrastructure and are also inclined to commit to these investments.


High level of data protection and new security system in planning

Despite the deployment of the home office, the factor security in terms of data protection and data security was not neglected. The company pursues a very high standard in this area. Rosenberger OSI is currently planning to establish an information security management system for the service in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001. The company is aiming for certification by the end of the year.