Industry 4.0


Cabling for digital production

Nowadays, unlimited data availability forms the basis for practically every sizeable company. This is all the more so in the case of highly automated production operations: Interruptions in the data network bring about the immediate stoppage of manufacture coupled with enormous economic consequences. Entire production facilities require network access, companies need real-time data and information from every sector, systems have to be controlled optically and often remotely.

So investing in a dependable network soon pays for itself. In the Industry 4.0 environment, cabling solutions are again exposed to extremely tough operating conditions. Here, Rosenberger OSI provides support not only in the form of reliable, technologically outstanding, proven solutions but also by defining technical guidelines which must meet the needs of the employed workflows and processes. Because these must usually go way beyond European standards. Ultimately, our outstanding delivery capabilities and high-end products ensure trouble-free installation and stable long-term performance.


Technical requirements:


High-performance push-pull plug connectors


Easy to clean and maintain


Long service life


Our solutions:


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