45 HU Patch Location Rack

Data Center Patch Location Rack “DC-PLR”


The OSI „DC-PLR“ is based upon the new, innovative rack system „NETcell“ from APRANET. „NETcell“ is a server rack system with all state of the art properties and accessories like aisle containment, power supply, cooling, ect. Hence our „DC-PLR“ is based upon „NETcell“, both can be combined.

Within the Cable Managers the large cable volumes of High-Density Patchlocations can be professionally routed and the cable overlength stored. With its Cable Management System it perfectly meets the requirements of highest density in passive Data Center Patch Locations. 

Such a Patch Location is characterized by a barrier-free Cable Management System. The four vertical Cable Managers are the basic pillars of the rack, so there are no traditional rack pillars disrupting the cable routing. This construction is the real innovation compared to common rack systems. Patchcords can be routed through the entire rack row through the horizontal 19“ Cable Managers easily. 

DC-PLR Intermediate-Rack 19“ 46HU, width 600, depth variable

To build rack rows with an uneven number of racks

The only 600mm width, depth variable Intermediate-Rack has no vertical Cable Managers. Usually it is sufficient to mount such Intermediate-Racks between DC-PLR Basic-Racks to build rack rows with uneven numbers of racks. Thus there are not two vertical Cable Managers of Basic-Racks next to each other, but between the racks there is only one vertical Cable Manager, which shortens the length of the rack row and reduces costs. The space of the vertical Cable Managers of the Basic-Racks is mostly enough to store the half of the cables of the racks on its left and right.



  • Installation of single data racks
  • Module system
  • Variable side wall and rear wall doors concept
  • Cable management system
  • Accessories



  • Absorption of large cable volume
  • Absorption of cable over length
  • Hinged channel cover
  • Installations and handling friendly


The OSI Cable Managers are particularly appropriate for FO cables through:

1) The so-called „L-Fingers“, which are forming the „Finger-Slots“:

  • They are rounded all-over, without sharp edges.
  • They guarantee high bending and kinking protection for the cable even under tensile load.
  • They are very robust and break resistant.

2) The large so-called „Finger-Slots“:

  • Therein the cables have lots of space and they are neither squeezed nor kinked.

OSI Cable Manager are very installation and handling friendly through:

1) The covers which are hinged in both directions and completely removable.
2) The all-over rounded „L-Fingers“:

  • During installation and de-installation the cables cannot be damaged through sharp edges.
  • The cables can be installed and de-installed very easily and secure in the Cable Managers.
  • During operation with open or removed covers the „L-Fingers“ hold the cables back inside of the „Finger-Slots“, the cables cannot escape.

3) The cable over-lengths are stored inside of especially suitable ducts at the rear sides of the Vertical Cable Managers

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