Splice solution vs. pre-assembly: Practical plug-and-play systems offer clear advantages


When deciding on a new network cabling system, not only performance, reliable data transmission and product quality play an increasingly important role, but also the overall life cycle of the network. This means that the physical layer of the network is becoming more and more the focus of economic considerations - and this is enforcing the trend towards pre-assembled, structured cabling systems. The growing success of these solutions is easy to explain: Pre-assembled systems offer clear advantages with regard to the life cycle, because they provide the flexibility that is essential for future growth. In addition, the plug-and-play systems convince with significantly shorter installation times and thus lower labour costs. Good environmental compatibility also plays a role in the decision in favour of pre-assembled systems, as they produce less packaging waste and no mountains of residual cables.


Prefabrication saves time and money

New business processes and ever new requirements and applications are forcing data centers to grow continuously. And this is precisely where the great advantages of pre-assembled systems become clear, because they enable transparent IT cabling that is decoupled from the current 'equipment fleet'. If the demand increases on site, the flexible system design guarantees the necessary scalability for additional cabling sections, because pre-assembled solutions are usually planned more precisely and therefore more clearly than conventional splice solutions. In addition, they are application-neutral, which avoids expensive misinstallations and expansions and additionally facilitates the installation of new network components. Pre-assembly at the factory means that customers receive tested cables in the exact length they require, with labelled individual parts and components and clearly assignable measurement protocols. The installer can quickly assemble the entire system via plug-and-play using a detailed plan - without the need for special tools or field assembly. Network failures due to improper installation on site and the risk of contamination of sensitive connecting parts are practically eliminated. Pre-assembled fiber-optic or copper cables not only reduce the overall costs of the installation, they also make it possible to meet short project deadlines and significantly speed up the entire deployment process. Cable management, maintenance and troubleshooting are also simplified. Additional advantages in terms of sustainability: Due to the modularity of the data center design, pre-assembled cables can be reused in various areas of the data center when redesigning the network.


High quality ex works

With a pre-assembled system, nothing works without extensive planning. Through a comprehensive analysis, the concrete cable and connection routes in the cable ducts and inside the cabinets - and thus the required cable length - must be determined in advance. Once the installation plan has been drawn up and approved, the supplier manufactures the cabling and connection components for the system at the factory.


Rosenberger OSI uses high-quality cables and components for its pre-assembled fiber optic, lan and copper cabling systems that are future-proof and enable seamless migration, so that, for example, both 10 Gbit/s and applications with 40 and 100 Gbit/s function reliably. In field assembly, the overall quality of the cables is often compromised by poor air quality, inefficient end surface polishing, poor cleaning and inadequate test protocols. Pre-assembled cables and components, on the other hand, undergo a series of validations and tests, including several endface checks. In contrast, traditional splicing solutions must be metrologically verified before each acceptance, on site. On the one hand, this test represents another possible source of error, on the other hand it means a high additional expenditure of time. Pre-assembled solutions therefore not only guarantee the performance and reliability of the system, but also save valuable installation time and money on numerous occasions, i.e. budget that is so urgently needed for the necessary continuous development of data centers.

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