Rosenberger OSI is awarded

Rosenberger OSI receives GOLD Rating in 2020 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards


Cabling specialist receives award for the development of a new cabling system for the transmission technology 400GBASE-SR8

Augsburg, October 1, 2020 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructures in Europe, announces that the PreCONNECT® SEDECIM cabling system was recognized among the best in the industry by the 2020 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards. Rosenberger OSI was rewarded as a GOLD honoree for the development of the new cabling system.

PreCONNECT® SEDECIM features 16 OM4 multimode fibers arranged in a row. This connector face enables data transfer of the 400 GBit/s via eight parallel full-duplex transmission channels (lanes) of 50 GBit each with PAM4 coding (8x50G=400G) over a range of up to 100 meters. The special feature of PreCONNECT® SEDECIM is that the ferrule endfaces of the MTP®/MPO 16 fiber multimode connector are 8° APC angularly polished. Due to this angled polish, the return loss could be significantly improved.

“The second GOLD award in a row makes us very happy and confirms another milestone in our product development. With PreCONNECT® SEDECIM, we are responding to the ever-increasing market demand for ever-higher transmission speeds and offer a high-performance infrastructure for data centers,” concludes Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Rosenberger OSI.


The Innovators Awards are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Benefit for the user
  • Sustainability
  • Cooperation
  • Impact

The stellar third-party judging panel included cabling and communications system specifiers, designers, integrators and managers with vast professional experience. “This competitive, unbiased program celebrates the most original and innovative products in the industry,” said Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s Chief Editor Patrick McLaughlin. “On behalf of the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards, I would like to congratulate Rosenberger OSI on their GOLD level honoree status,” said McLaughlin on this year's winner.