PreCONNECT® PURE MTP® for high-quality IT cabling

Rosenberger OSI presents PreCONNECT® PURE MTP® for high-quality IT cabling in data centers


As addition to the existing PURE system, the solution ensures highest transmission rates in association with pre-assembled coupling interfaces

Augsburg, June 20, 2018 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative fiber-optic cabling infrastructure in Europe, announces that the PreCONNECT® PURE MTP® solution has been added to the tried-and-tested PreCONNECT® PURE portfolio. The special features of this new system are the factory-assembled MTP® coupling interfaces on both sides of the trunk, for which Rosenberger OSI guarantees the "application value" of the attenuation with "random-mated" connections with the PURE MTP® patch cables or harnesses.

"The quick rise in the number of 40- and 100BASE-SR4 and 4x16G fiber channel transceivers with MPO connector interface has led to a corresponding growth in demand for the connection cables with MTP® (MPO) connectors," explains Harald Jungbäck, Product Manager for Data Center Cabling Systems at Rosenberger OSI.

Contamination and real attenuation budget eliminated

PreCONNECT® PURE by Rosenberger OSI already represented a milestone in the development of high-end IT cabling for data centers, as it eliminates two uncertainty factors with crucial impact on overall performance: contamination and real attenuation budget. According to studies conducted, approx. 50% of all network errors are the result of cabling issues. Contaminations in FO connectors, incorrect procedures or even damages during patching are the main culprits. PreCONNECT® PURE fundamentally eliminates these error sources.

Quality measurements guarantee a high-end product

That is where the new system comes in, as the MTP® connector reacts very sensitively with high insertion and low return loss to errors in its connector face geometry and contaminations in the polished section of its fibers. Highly precise polishing machines, polishing discs and an optimally aligned polishing process are required to polish the high-quality connector face geometry on the MTP®. To verify the high quality of PURE MTP®, the company measures the connector face geometry and visual quality of every connector as part of a 100% inspection with an interferometer with integrated video microscope.

No damage or manipulation possible

Simple snap-in of the MTP® coupling interfaces during the installation on the back of the panel  ensures that the integrated optical contacts of the trunks can no longer be contaminated or damaged. The MTP® coupling interfaces are IEC 61754-7-compliant, equipped with protective plugs and secured against unauthorized use through sealed stickers, which may only be opened by PURE-certified personnel.

High quality requires installation by trained personnel only

PreCONNECT® PURE MTP® is an independent system consisting of PURE MTP® trunks and patch cables. PURE MTP® trunks and patch cables may only be installed and patched by trained and certified personnel to ensure the high quality and the values specified by Rosenberger OSI.