Rosenberger OSI implements cabling project for the city of Wuppertal in coordination with the Office for Information Technology and Digitalisation


Two new server rooms ensure greater reliability and improved processing speed

Augsburg, July 20, 2021 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), an expert in fiber optic connections, cabling solutions and infrastructure services, is implementing a cabling project for the city of Wuppertal in coordination with the Office for Information Technology and Digitalization. In this project, two new server rooms are equipped with a modern cabling system including LC trunks and 19-inch rack SMAP-G2 housings. Rosenberger OSI was able to prevail in the public tender. The implementation of the project is now taking place in July under the leadership of the Office for Information Technology and Digitalization.

City of Wuppertal's digitalization strategy "digiTal 2023“

As part of the large-scale "digiTal 2023" strategy, the city of Wuppertal, in its role as the leading digital municipality in the Bergisches Land model region, is currently investing considerable financial and human resources in modernizing the city administration. Thanks to the city of Wuppertal's internal IT service provider - the Office of Information Technology and Digitalization - the city administration and its citizens have been benefiting from a very good technical infrastructure for a very long time. The citizens are thus already able to access a wide range of the administration's services by digital means. In addition, employees of the city administration have been working with electronic files and are therefore able to conduct their work using digital technology. As a result, the new server rooms not only need to process a significantly increased volume of data, but in particular also offer a high level of fail-safety.

Wanted: a dirt-resistant cabling system

The invitation to tender, which the Office for Information Technology and Digitization carried out for the city of Wuppertal, called for a provider who could supply all components (project planning, products and installation) from a single source. In addition, the system also had to ensure that free or unoccupied couplings are permanently protected from dirt and dust. The IT service provider ultimately decided on a cabling system in PreCONNECT® PURE quality from the fiber optic specialist Rosenberger OSI, which is now being installed in the new server rooms. The implementation is currently being carried out by experts from Rosenberger OSI in coordination with the Office for Information Technology and Digitalization of the City of Wuppertal. The project is expected to be finalized in the fourth quarter of 2021.


The cabling system in PreCONNECT® PURE quality from Rosenberger OSI is equipped with sealed coupling interfaces. Due to their design, the optical contacts that are integrated prevent contamination or damage during installation. Thanks to the interface design and locking mechanism, each channel can be easily snapped into the partial front panels of the SMAP-G2 housings. On the patch side, the LC-Duplex coupling interfaces are sealed as a unit with the protective caps to keep channels clean even when they remain unused for long periods of time. The original factory sealing also prevents unwanted opening and operating errors. In addition, the system allows transmission paths to be planned reliably and more plug connections per channel to be implemented. This allows up to twice as many plug connections per channel as with IEC-specified cabling.