Economic efficiency and future-oriented IT infrastructure - how does it fit together?


The new world of work 4.0 poses special challenges to the IT infrastructure of real estate. Economy, flexibility and sustainability are in demand. Since time and resource consumption are becoming increasingly important in construction projects, plug & play installations are at the top of the wish list. 

Building cabling is not only an issue in the new construction of commercial properties. In many companies the existing cabling no longer corresponds to the latest state of the art. However, the requirements of current applications are high, which is why old cables can often no longer keep up. Nevertheless, many companies are postponing the renewal of their cabling infrastructure. The costs as well as the time expenditure are too high, it is argued. With PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT, Rosenberger OSI offers an alternative to structured cabling. This innovative solution can be installed in any environment, new or existing. And all this without impairing operations.

The FTTACP concept scores particularly well in terms of costs with its high savings potential:

  • Savings in tertiary copper cabling: approx. 60% - 85%.
  • Savings in installation time on site: approx. 40% - 60%.
  • Savings in cable laying infrastructure: approx. 20% - 50%.
  • Saving of fire bulkheads for cable laying: approx. 50 % - 80 %.
  • Saving of technical rooms for floor distributors: approx. 25000,- € per room
  • Savings in operating and maintenance costs for technical rooms: 100%.
  • Savings in copper distribution fields and cables: approx. 50,- € per device connection
  • Savings in switch energy consumption (green energy): approx. 50%.
  • Savings in raw material resources
  • Saving of the associated energy consumption (gray energy)
  • Savings in total project costs due to actual expansion: approx. 10% - 20%.

Complete package for more economic efficiency

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT is the optimal solution for companies to realize an efficient and future-oriented IT infrastructure. This creates the conditions for modern workstations, as required by digital transformation.

Cost savings are an important criterion for the use of FTTACP solutions. This applies to the complete planning of a building cabling system, starting with the catalogue of requirements, through the planning and implementation phase to installation and maintenance - over the entire service life of the IT infrastructure.

The pre-assembled cables of this product family, for example, significantly shorten the duration of a project. Experience to date has shown a reduction of up to 50 percent. When cabling with PerCONNECT® EcoFlex' ITTM, the classic floor distributors are replaced by so-called Active Consolidation Points (ACPs). An ACP can be integrated in the raised floor, on the wall or on the ceiling. If required, it can be dismantled or moved without great effort. The ACP is installed near the intended workstations or work islands.

The innovative redundant Ethernet cabling concept with ACP provides companies with additional usable space, since technical rooms, as required by structured building cabling, are obsolete. In addition, retrofitting can be carried out at any time without interruption or disruption to business operations.

Overview of construction follow-up costs - investment protection guaranteed

Anyone who talks about economic efficiency in construction must not lose sight of the follow-up costs of construction when considering investments. They can considerably confuse the calculation. PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'ITTM can also score here because the installation and follow-up costs for the solution are comparatively low, especially since the components can be dismantled and adapted at any time without great effort and can even be taken along when moving house.

Is your company ready for digital transformation? 

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