Medical engineering


High-end cabling for medical engineering

Hospitals and medical establishments are now also firmly anchored in the digital age. By improving efficiency and enhancing the quality of care, electronic data processing has become an indispensable part of the healthcare sector. The hospital network is without any doubt one of the most critical infrastructures, where system failures can have catastrophic consequences. This is because in this sector, the IT infrastructure is exposed to exceptional loads.

Whether for patient monitoring and data transfer between different building or even over distances of several kilometres to the attending physician or the IT infrastructure in the operating theatre: the data cabling and IT network must combine numerous functions and function absolutely reliably under all circumstances. What is more, all of the components used in the medical engineering sector must meet the most exacting hygiene requirements. Autoclave-compatibility also plays an important role here.


Technical requirements:


Uninterrupted high performance and outstanding protection against failure


Maintenance-free design


Exacting hygiene requirements


Reliable transfer of very high bandwidth applications


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