Aviation and aerospace


High-quality cabling systems for the aviation and aerospace industry

Forward-looking technologies are particularly vital in the aviation and aerospace sectors. If only due to the large distances involved, no other industry is so dependent on remote connections, exceptionally sensitive sensor systems and robust, failure-proof technologies. The enormous data volumes which, for example, are transmitted from space to the Earth, where they have to be processed as fast as possible, should not be underestimated and rely on high-performance networks.

For example, radar systems monitor several thousands of satellites or space vehicles. However, they also keep track of space debris in order to prevent dangerous collisions with space infrastructure. Thanks to the sophisticated technology from Rosenberger OSI, it is, for instance, possible to deploy a unique radar system which can change the direction of viewing and orient radar signals towards a specific target in just a few milliseconds. The tiny length tolerances represent a particular challenge here because our solutions have to be integrated in existing housings.


Technical requirements:


Powerful mechanical influences


Interference-free, continuous information flow


Robust, reliable high-tech products


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