PreCONNECT® MOBILE FO cabling system

PreCONNECT® MOBILE - Mobile FO trunks for mobile applications


PreCONNECT® trunk for mobile applications, equipped with fiber optic loose-tube cables up to 12 fibers (more fibers on request) on very robust portable and mobile cable drums. For the emergency replacement for destroyed links (disaster recovery), mobile TV applications and temporary cabling.


System consists of:

  • PreCONNECT® STANDRAD Trunks with special loose tube cables for challenging applications on hand-carry and trolley cable-drums
  • With connector systems LC, SC und E-2000®



  • Connectors are protected by captive installation tubes on both sides
  • Cable halogen-free, flexible at cold temperature, notch-proof and abrasion-resistant, resistant to oil and chemicals
  • Mobile trunk with robust, high quality drum
  • Factory-assembled with fiber optic connectors on both sides
  • Standard coding: channel-wise “crossed”.


Fields of applications:

  • For the emergency replacement of failed fiber optic links
  • TV/Broadcasting: For mobile applications in the event, lecture and presentation technology fields 
  • Industry: For mobile applications e.g. in the mining sector 
  • Temporary Cabling for different application areas.

Further information about the different applications can be found in the product information.

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  • Very helpful in emergency cases
  • Easy to handle like a power extension cable on a drum
  • Flexibility through chaining kits and thus more combinations are possible
  • Reliability through consistently high quality
  • Time saving through quick allocation of mobile cabling and recovery of transmission of failed fiber optic links
  • Cost efficiency through stackable drum variants for storage, transport and multiple installation


Properties of individual system components

The PreCONNECT® Mobile Trunks are terminated in house Rosenberger OSI brought already 1991 high fiber count factory assembled FO Trunk cables to the market. PreCONNECT® STANDARD was the first in Europe developed and manufactured, high fiber count and modular „Plug-and-Play“ fiber optic cabling system. 

The PreCONNECT® cable divider is a splice-less furcation to separate the fibers of loose tube cables. It is one of the mechanically and thermally most robust cable dividers for loose tube cables at smallest diameters. With its integrated PreCONNECT® square interface, the cable divider can be tool-less hooked into PreCONNECT® Panels for tensile and torsion resistant fixing of the Trunks. 


The connector legs are alpha numerical uniquely coded. The standard coding resp. polarity is „channel-wise crossed“ (pairwise flipped) for full-duplex transmission systems – A1 to B1, A2 to B2, etc. On request „uncrossed“ deliverable. 

Length definition: 

Order-length = length between the connectors of the longest legs at both sides, not between the PreCONNECT® cable dividers. 

Delivery form: 

Delivery with different mobile drums according the length, cable type. 100% IL factory measured with measurement protocol, installation manual, product label with serial number on both sides. 

Installation protection: 

The package of application specific „variable“ legs is a not pull resistant dustproof foil tube. 

On „standard stepped“ legs you can select: 

  • 600 N tensile-strength, crush and kink resistant, IP50 dust-proof indoor-installation-tube 
  • 600N tensile-strength, crush and kink resistant, IP67 dust-water-proof outdoor installation tube
  • reuse-able installation protection where more times installation


Trunk cable type: 

PreCONNECT® Mobile Trunks are deliverable with robust, flexible loose tube cables up to 24 fibers, mostly used: 

  • A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 
  • A-DQ(ZN)11Y 
  • U-DQ(ZN)11Y 

Available with breakout cables for outdoor application. Cable with enhanced tensile strength, crush resistance and special reinforcement is optional. 

Cable data, see separate cable data sheets. 

Fiber types: With all common fiber types deliverable. Bend-insensitive fibers standard. 


Connector types: 

With all common connector types and their combinations, Rosenberger designed outdoor connectors deliverable, mostly used

  • LC-Compact with hotmelt or normal terminated
  • LC-Duplex
  • E-2000®/E-2000® HRL
  • MTP® with hotmelt or normal terminated
  • SC
  • Heavy Duty 600
  • Heavy Duty 1000
  • RDC
  • RQC
  • Q-RMC
  • Connector with RFE Housing


Drum types: 

delivery with different mobile drums according the length, cable type.

Model 1 : Installation tube on both sides

  • The fiber optic connectors are mounted on both sides of our robust PreCONNECT® Cable Dividers with stepped legs.
  • The cable dividers with the legs and fiber optic connectors are protected during storage, transport and installation by captive installation tubes that are waterproofed in accordance with IP67 and are torsion- and crush-resistant.
  • The free cable length up to the connectors on the drum side is approx. 3m as standard.
  • Other lengths available on request.

Model 2 : Installation tube and outlet socket

  • On the drum side, the internal FO connectors are routed to FO adapters that are mounted in a shockproof steel outlet socket that is dustproof to IP 50 and equipped with a protective cover. This steel outlet socket gives the FO interfaces the best possible protection against damage during storage, transport, installation and operation.
  • On the winding side, that fiber optic connectors are mounted on our robust PreCONNECT® Cable Divider with stepped legs.
  • The cable divider with the legs and fiber optic connectors is protected during storage, transport and installation by a captive installation tube that is waterproofed in accordance IP67 and is torsion- and crush-resistant.

Chaining kit for model 2

  • The chaining kit is available as an option for the PreCONNECT® FIBER Trunk Mobile type 2 model. They can then be chained or connected together to cover greater distances. 
  • The kit consists of a small cage and a tough protective cover.
  • The cage is mounted next to the outlet socket on the “extension drum”. 
  • It houses the cable divider and associated connector legs of the PreCONNECT® Fiber trunk mobile drum. 
  • The protective cover is fastened in place over the extension drum to provide protection against damp and dirt.

Model : stackable drum

  • The stackable drums are designed for cost effective storage, transportation, more times installation. 
  • Compact and durable with integrated handles

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