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Identification Patch Cord (IDP)


Identification Patch Cord (IDP) – for fast and secure identification of patch cord ends

Operating Data Centers requires frequent reconfiguration of data cabling, which is usually done by manual patching within distributors. Disruptions of active data transmission is not seldom caused by unplugging the wrong patchcord, even the change was double-checked before according to the cabling documentation.
The Identification Patch Cord (IDP) of Rosenberger OSI makes the secure identification of patchcord ends easier and faster. Through this it brings a large contribution to the availability of IT applications within the Data Centers.

Thanks to an external light source that is put at the connector at one end of the patch cord to be changed, its ends can be identified clearly and securely. This solution eliminates the need for active electrical or optical components, allowing easy and cost-effective retrofitting of existing fiber optic cabling in data centers. 



  • Identification Patch Cord IDP for simple, fast and secure identification of patchcord ends using the for this necessary separate to order IDP light source
  • Kink and crush resistance optimized for environmental conditions
  • Suitable for operation in temperatures from -10 °C to +60 °C
  • Polarity: Full-duplex cables with duplex connectors on both sides “crossed” A to B in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173
  • maximum possible length = 35 meter


Fields of application:

  • Data Center and building cabling 

Further information about the different applications can be found in the product information.

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  • Increase of the availability of IT applications and through this operational reliability of Data Centers
  • Simple operation through only one person in the running Data Center operation
  • Cost efficient and maintenance-free patchcords through the abdication of electrical components
  • Easy and low cost retrofit of existing FO cabling with IDP patchcords


Functional description and properties:

The maximum possible length of Identification Patch Cords (IDPs) is 35 meter. At lengths longer than 35 meter the visibilty of the identification light spot at the far end is insufficient.

Functional description:

  • lay the IDP light source on the top of the body of the LC-COMPACT connector at one end of the IDP patch cord
  • switch the IDP light source on
  • light spot occurs at the rear wall of the connector body at the far end

Length tolerances:

  • Up to 1 m = - 50 mm
  • 2 m to 3 m = - 100 mm
  • 4 m to 25 m = - 200 mm
  • Longer than 25 m = - 1 %

Delivery form:

  • attenuation measured in accordance with IEC 61300-3-4 „C“ or „Substitution“ method, measurement values on request
  • serial number labels at the cable ends on both sides
  • Iidividually packaged in foil bags with product ID label

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