Rosenberger OSI cooperates with MICROSENS with immediate effect


Two strong German brands with more than 50 years of experience combine active and passive technology for the PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT solution

Augsburg, January 24, 2019 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructures in Europe, announces a new far-reaching partnership with MICROSENS. The aim is to close skills gaps in building cabling projects and to present a holistic approach in a one-stop shop for customers. The cooperation focuses on the joint marketing and sales of PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT, an innovative redundant Ethernet cabling solution.

MICROSENS, a subsidiary of euromicron AG, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fiber optic transmission systems. The company's expertise extends to all areas of fiber optic technology, from internal company networks (LAN) to access networks and metro networks (MAN). "Through our new cooperation, we offer our customers, mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland,  comprehensive support in their building cabling projects and supplement our expertise in the passive area with MICROSENS' in-depth know-how and range of active technology," says Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Rosenberger OSI.

Adaptable, clever, cost-effective - PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT is the next step on from PerCONNECT® with active components and an innovative overall concept which focuses on cost-effectiveness and flexibility, both for the new installation of networks and for existing installations. Central to this complete system is the Active Consolidation Point (ACP), which is integrated in the backbone with fiber optics and distributes in the close tertiary area (max. 20 meters) based on copper trunks or patch cords. "Since the customer only has to bear the costs per port for the system, future expansions in new projects can be easily calculated," explains Stefan Wiener, Product Manager in the LAN division.

No additional space required

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT is a ring configuration which is redundantly designed and can be described as FTT-ACP (fiber to the active consolidation point). As the ACP's are installed in the raised floor, in the ceiling area or on the walls, the cabling system can be integrated into any working environment without the need of additional space. The system can be dismantled at any time, is easy to move and flexibly upgradeable. "By eliminating the measurement process in particular, our customers achieve significant time savings in their building cabling projects," Wiener continues.

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT will be marketed together with MICROSENS with immediate effect. The companies thus offer their project customers an all-round service from the initial inspection and planning of the property to the installation (active and passive) and acceptance.

Interested visitors can experience the system live at the Rosenberger OSI and MICROSENS booth at the LANline Tech Forum in Munich from 29 to 30 January 2019.