Rosenberger OSI establishes itself as solution provider for Meet-Me-Rooms


The compact DN-ODF housing system provides up to triple port density compared to conventional solutions and enables clever resource savings

Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructures in Europe, now provides solutions for Meet-Me-Rooms in data centers. A Meet-Me-Room (MMR) is a physical space within a colocation data center or carrier-neutral data center which provides the connection to the outside world. In order to connect the cables coming from outside to the local data center network, 19-inch distribution solutions, joints or distribution frame racks in 600mm ETSI format can be used. For the cabling of these rooms, Rosenberger OSI recommends in particular the DN-ODF (Data Network Optical Distribution Frame) distribution system, which incorporates the concept of the fiber optic main distribution frame (GFHVT).

Colocation and carrier-neutral data centers often host services from multiple operators (telecom companies = carriers) or organizations. Data center customers use Meet-Me Rooms to interconnect or cross-connect with one or more carriers.

The challenge of space management in the data center

While the concept and practice of using a MMR is not new, the initial creation and management of these spaces has become a serious challenge for operators in the course of time. Due to some inadequate practices and lack of building standards, there have been occasions when the servers of the preferred network operator of new customers could not be installed in the MMR due to physical/local challenges.

The solution: The use of DN-ODF

"Space is the most valuable limited asset in the data center, and standard cabling racks require a lot of space. Over the last 100 years of telecommunications history, the basic principles of the main distribution frame have proven themselves and evolved over time. The next logical evolutionary step in central cabling solutions for data centers, campuses and buildings is the space-saving DN-ODF", says Ronny Mees, Product Manager at Rosenberger OSI. The DN-ODF is not only well suited for the Meet-Me-Room but also as a central patch location in the data center.

Extremely high packing density

The DN-ODF acts as a High-Density patch location with up to 2,160 LCD ports per rack for fiber optic cables in data centers. In addition, the DN-ODF can be used as a transfer point for network transitions (Meet-Me-Room) for instance in colocation data centers, as a main distribution cabinet, intermediate distribution cabinet or zone distribution cabinet according to EN50173-3 with extremely high packing density in data centers and IT rooms.

Advantages over 19" racks

The installation of the DN-ODF is advantageous, among other things, because it allows the use of the wall space that would otherwise not be usable as opposed to standard racks. If required, the solution can also be used with two or more row main distributors "Back-To-Back" with low overall depth. In addition, the DN-ODF offers up to triple port density per data center area compared to conventional cabling cabinets.

Efficient and flexible to use

The operation of the system is also more user-friendly, since all operations - as well as the assembly - can be carried out from the front-end. All connections and cables are within reach and easy to access. The system is suitable for both patch and splice connections and can also be connected optionally to roof cabling solutions. " Our solution does not only save space, but is also structurally flexible, and thus promotes the important trend of optimizing the use of space in data centers even further," says product manager Mees, commenting on the advantages of the system.