Vlog #5 KritisV – designing an IT infrastructure for the future


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Many companies and public institutions are currently working on the modernization of their IT infrastructures. One key task here is to find the right balance between on-premises and Cloud solutions. In a conversation with Slavko Mucic, our Senior Project Manager Matthias Reidans explains the best approach to adopt.


Talking about KRITIS: Many companies are subject to these BSI requirements and have reached a point where are thinking about modernizing or renovating their IT infrastructure. How do these two things go together?

Matthias Reidans: The BSI Kritis ordinance is a very large, extensive requirements catalogue that applies to companies precisely at the moment they undertake a modernization and Cloud migration initiative. Approximately a third of all companies are now involved in this trend towards modernization. Under certain circumstances, the question of the relevance of Kritis is raised as part of this trend and it is then necessary to perform an assessment to examine the requirements catalogue.

In concrete terms, what are the individual steps that companies must pass through?

Matthias Reidans: With this assessment and the results it delivers, the concrete steps involve examining the trend towards modernization and, for example, rethinking and diversifying the earlier multi-Cloud approach. Because studies such as the one conducted by IDC Central Europe have shown that there is a trend towards on-premises private Clouds. This shows us that it is very important for IT departments and IT decision-makers to optimize this weighting and find the right balance.

So that means not moving everything to the Cloud but instead keeping some of it in-house.

Matthias Reidans: That‘s right. And this also relates to sustainability and the capability of the IT infrastructure to perform in the future.


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