Vlog #4 Why FO-cabling basics are also important for non-users


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The use of optical fiber technology demands specialist knowledge. This applies not only to those who work with optical fibers every day in the data center, but also to other specialist departments such as Purchasing or Planning. Why? You’ll find out more in the video.

In conversation about it: Slavko Mucic and Stefan Wiener, Sales at Rosenberger OSI.


Why is it also important for people who don’t directly have anything to do with OF in their everyday activities to at least know something about the basics of OF transmission?

Stefan Wiener: It is vitally important for everyone involved. Let’s take the example of Purchasing. Here, it is necessary to compare quotes. Training in the basics allows the individuals involved to properly understand the specifications received from the competing vendors.

Let’s take things further. Planning, for example. Although the Planning department possesses the overall vision, it still has to know whether the products that it is planning to use will ultimately permit optimum installation in terms of handling. The aim isn’t to choose products that are economical in terms of CapEx, but then take three times the installation time at the level of OpEx. That doesn’t gain you anything.

Of course, you start off with an advantage in terms of CapEx. But when you reach the OpEx stage, you really start to pile on the effort.

Another aim is to raise awareness among the people responsible for day-to-day activities: What happens if certain things aren’t done? For example, with regard to the question of inspecting and cleaning optical fiber cables. Very important!