A robust, future-proof network keeps things running smoothly at Costa Edutainment SpA


Behind the scenes at the “Acquario di Genova” and the “Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi”

The “Acquario di Genova” is operated by Costa Edutainment SpA. The company is an Italian market leader in the management of public and private establishments operating in the areas of leisure, culture, education, further education and scientific research. Costa Edutainment currently manages twelve establishments both in Italy and overseas. These include one of Europe’s largest aquariums, the “Acquario di Genova”, the “Biosfera”, the “Bigo” panoramic lift and the new “Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi”. In Italy, it also runs the “Acquario di Cattolica”, the leisure parks “Oltremare”, “Aquafan” and “Italia in Miniatura” at the “Riviera Romagnola” as well as the “Acquario di Livorno” in Tuscany. The company is also responsible for administering the “Mediterraneo Marine Park” in Malta.


A constantly evolving structure

One urgent requirement was to integrate the “Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi”, which had been recently constructed on the ground floor of the “Acquario di Genova”, into the existing optical fiber network infrastructure quickly and efficiently. Parts of the existing cabling date back to 1992 (installed for the “Expo Colombo 92” exhibition) and other parts to 1996. It was constructed using OM1 multimode fiber paths.

To create the new infrastructure, carefully configured OM4 paths were quickly laid and integrated in the backbones already present in the building. All the existing links between the data center and the floor cabinets in the aquarium building were equipped with the pre-assembled PreCONNECT® SMAP-G2 OM4 solution from Rosenberger OSI. This made it possible to lay the cables, install the components in the racks and commission the installation extremely quickly (plug & play). This resulted in certification of the system.


Change-over to the new system: speed, efficiency, guarantees

The aquarium’s old solution made use of OM1 multimode links. These were installed between 1992 and 1996 and deployed low-port-density ST and SC patch panels. The new solution uses OM4 links with LC-Compact connectors and patch panels with a port density of 96 fibers per unit.

The new solution has given rise to an OM4 infrastructure that uses the 10G backbone and is pre-equipped to cope with future technological advances. The technicians from Costa Edutainment benefited from a number of advantages when implementing the solution and, for example, were able to install the hardware quickly and easily, meaning that it was up and running without any loss of time. What is more, Rosenberger OSI guaranteed not only fast, simple implementation but also outstanding quality through test reports and manufacturers’ certificates.

When changing over to the new solution, the dimensioning of the cable paths and the decisions that had to be made regarding the connection topology were crucial. The change-over to the new system took two months and passed through the following individual phases: Decision, award of contract, reception of material, installation and commissioning of the new links.

There were no problems during the installation phase. Thanks to the use of pre-assembled cables from Rosenberger OSI, operations were interrupted for only approximately 30 minutes when the old links were replaced with the new ones.

The solution was implemented by Giulio Quarto (ICT Manager) and Filippo Costa (ICT Corporate Advisor).



All requirements were fulfilled and everything lived up to expectations. After testing, the solution will be redeployed for new implementations for the revamping of the Group’s infrastructure.

The optical link used in the current solution offers better performance than the earlier connections and is also already prepared for future developments to the 10G link. The solution is also due to be rolled out to the other Costa Edutainment parks in the future.



“Our company has always worked together with partners that are able to offer cutting-edge technological solutions combined with outstanding technology, ease of implementation and long service lives. Thanks to Rosenberger OSI, we were able to analyse our requirements, incorporate them in a concrete project, implement them and take them into operation extremely quickly”.

Filippo Costa, ICT Corporate Advisor at Costa Edutainment SpA


“We are both happy and proud that we have been able to develop this project for an establishment as prestigious as the ‘Acquario di Genova’.”– confirms Paolo Parabelli, Responsible for Sales Italy within the Sales Team Europe at Rosenberger OSI. “With our solutions, we have once again shown how it is possible to flexibly integrate environments other than conventional data centers. In addition, using trunk cables that have been pre-assembled by the manufacturer is an advantage because they can be laid without the need for specialist personnel or for the tools and measurement equipment that would otherwise be required.”