Mining/Oil & Gas Exploitation


Outdoor optical fiber cables for extremely tough environments

The underground extraction of raw materials and the pumping of oil on oil rigs are both masterpieces of technology. Extremely complex, remote-controlled transport systems are used and precisely monitored in real time thanks to extensive sensor systems and large numbers of cameras. Each and every technical solution that is used here is exposed to the most extreme conditions, in particular with regard to dirt and dust, temperature and vibrations.

Cabling solutions from Rosenberger OSI have long since proven their worth in these extreme environments. Specially adapted, explosion-proofed and oil-resistant PreCONNECT® FIBER trunks with single-mode fibers ensure that the large data volumes involved are transmitted over distances of several kilometres with the minimum possible loss. The various data and signal sources are brought together in explosion-proofed housings. The plug connection to the outside environment used to connect the trunks has to withstand extreme loads. Even though the plug connectors that are used here are already extremely tough, they can be additionally equipped, for example, with a steel cladding in order to resist extreme mechanical stresses.


Technical requirements:


High resistance to dirt, dust and oil


Explosion protection


Outstanding performance even under extreme mechanical loads


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